Wishing our pupils at Little Voices Peterborough all the best as they take to the stage at The Cresset Theatre this week.

We have two pupils who auditioned and were lucky enough to be chosen for a role in High School Musical with Rare Productions.

Well done guys and enjoy every night up there on the big stage!high-school-musical


What do I love about LAMDA?

Having taught LAMDA examinations to individuals and groups for over 8 years with a 100% Pass Rate there is obviously something that I love about LAMDA. I have recently been asked to feature in LAMDA’s new brochure which I feel quite touched by so as my first blog I wanted to touch on the central part of what we do at Little Voices the entire core of what I do every day and why I do it! IMG_2948

We primarily work with the Musical Theatre syllabus for Groups, Solo/Duos and the Communication syllabus which was termed Introductory, Preparatory and Preliminary but is now known as Stage One, Two and Three. Our entire idea for Little Voices 8 years ago was launched at the same time as the Musical Theatre GROUP syllabus. It just makes sense – to have a realistic setting for a piece of musical theatre to be examined as part of ‘a cast’ rather than individually – this is so real ! We rarely stand on stage as a professional and do a full blown soliloquy or solo. This way children can receive individual tuition as part of a very small group but also learn to interact and work with others.

The Introductory Communication syllabuses allow very young children to build confidence, work on their diction, eye contact, posture, projection, articulation and have the experience of an examiner, exam day and the adrenalin rush / nerves accompanied with this. These provide the perfect foundations for 4 – 7 year old children. It is so lovely to see them arrive for the examinations and witness the parents looking even more nervous than the children. It is all about the preparation!! We really strive in Mini Voices lessons to make it a ‘fun’ experience preparing for the examination. We talk about the friendly ‘Grandma’ or ‘Grandad’ figure (hopefully not offending the young LAMDA examiners among the team) that will be listening to their poem and talking to them about their favourite toy,photo or book. The fact that the young children can enter the examination room with something that means something to them definitely provides comfort too!

The Group Musical Theatre Syllabus provides such a huge opportunity for creativity and freedom. It promotes individuality and team work, hones all the skills of diction, musical rhythm, timing, pitch, articulation, characterisation and is a way of allowing children of similar ages and similar or varying levels of confidence / ability to work together and learn from each other. Every child matters and can take a role and character most suited to them. You can have such fun choosing what piece to perform from any genre of Musical Theatre; Billy Elliot, The Sound of Music, Guys and Dolls, Legally Blonde, Frozen, Annie to name but a few! You can add costume and props and generally have ‘a ball’ preparing musically and dramatically for the examination.

All of the examiner over 8 years (we hold approx. 6 + exam sessions a year  and growing), with the exception of one, that I have ever met, have been OUTSTANDING. They are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and clearly passionate about their role.

This is why I love LAMDA and we continue to work so closely with them…..

Meet Our Tutors Here in London!

Here at ‘Little Voices’ we pride ourselves on traditional and inspirational yet fun filled lessons, which are taught by passionate and highly qualified tutors so that your child can excel in a happy environment.

Here are some images and information on our tutors.

Ashlea Pearson

Ashlea is the principal of Little Voices South West London. Ashlea is also is a vocal tutor at Putney, Richmond and Fulham. She has a wealth of live performance experience and numerous years of being classically trained has put her in great stead to be a leading vocal tutor at her very own centre’s throughout South West London. Ashlea is extremely passionate about Little Voices and all of her pupils, she works closely with her team of tutors to make sure lessons of distinction are delivered in a fun, engaging and unique way.


Annie Morris

Annie has experience teaching a wide range of students, subjects and age groups. She is currently working in primary education specialising in special needs and behavioural management.

Before Annie started teaching full time, she completed a yearlong professional development course in musical theatre and performing.

“Teaching children drama is a rewarding and freeing opportunity for all ages to gain new skills and build confidence. All children come to lessons with an open mind and leave with a sense of achievement. My main goal in lessons is to help everyone achieve a broader understanding of drama and how to perform. Each child has an opportunity to gain qualifications in a new skill while overcoming common struggles such as stage fright, speaking in front of larger groups and trying new things.

I am passionate about helping children to hone in on their own imagination and use their creativity to help them succeed. LAMDA and drama lessons suit anyone and everyone who is looking to learn something new and have fun while doing it!” – quote from Annie herself


Holly Hayes

Holly is a classically trained actress and LAMDA coach. She achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting and Directing from Ithaca College in New York and a Masters of Fine Arts at the Yale School of Drama. She has worked on both sides of the Atlantic in theatre, television, film and commercials. At the moment she can be seen in the Netflix series Free Rein.

Since discovering a love of teaching Holly has worked as a LAMDA Coach for the past 6 years.

As a new member of the Little Voices family she has found the children to be enthusiastic and eager to explore the world of drama. She hopes to guide them, help them learn new acting skills and build on their strengths.

“It is rewarding seeing even the shyest children grow in confidence and enjoy their little moment in the spotlight.” – Holly


Lottie Rose

Lottie spent two incredible years studying Musical Theatre & Acting, in New York at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles & worked for the major TV network CBS in casting which gave her valuable industry insight.

Lottie loves teaching drama to children of all ages. She enjoy’s watching their confidence grow, encouraging them to work as a team, challenge their creativity & listening to their great ideas!

She aims to provide a nurturing & supportive environment so that children are able to freely express themselves & let their creative ideas flow.

Lottie has passed ABRSM music exams up to Grade 8, both LAMDA & Trinity Guildhall & RAD ballet, and is very excited to revisit the LAMDA syllabus and to prepare our pupils this semester for their LAMDA exams.


Daniel Leeland

Daniel is a very experienced Musical theatre tutor, having years of teaching experience and from working in many other performance industries Daniel is keen to use his knowledge and experience as well as his creative side to encourage and educate children of all ages.

Having graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in drama 10 years ago Daniel has a wealth of experience teaching musical theatre as well as the LAMDA speech and drama syllabus across London to children aged 4 – 18 years.

Daniel has joined us here at Little Voices South West London teaching our pupils in Richmond and Fulham.

He aims to inspire our pupils to build in confidence and promote their development through a creative outlet, allowing children to freely express themselves & let their creative ideas flow.


Past Pupil Sadie tells us about the benefits of Little Voices in her career

Sadie Thomas

Where are you now? (eg. college/uni/career and location in the world)

  • I am currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, after taking a last minute job role with 2 weeks notice I had to pack up my life and move over here!  I am a Women’s Footwear Merchandising Intern at Tommy Hilfiger International Head Office. I am on a placement year from the University of Manchester where I study Design Management for Fashion Retailing BSc Hons.


What are your aspirations for the future?

  •  I hope to create my own fashion brand and take on the role of Director and Head Buyer within this, focusing on fast fashion which is affordable but super chic! I plan on moving to Australia in September 2016 to complete a Masters in Fashion Business at the Fashion Institute in Sydney to help further my knowledge in fashion!


When did you first join Little Voices?

  •  I joined Little Voices in 2006 and stayed throughout School and Sixth form until I left for university.


How did you/your parents hear about Little Voices?

  •  I heard about Little Voices through the co founder, Jane herself, as the business was founded just as I was to join


What made you attend and stay with Little Voices?

  •  I had some of the best nights at Little Voices, and made some friends that I will have for life, the pure talent of the teachers inspired me learn more, and I was completely obsessed with Drama and Singing throughout (and still to this day)


How do you think Little Voices has helped you – is there a direct correlation between what you are doing now and your attendance at Little Voices?

  •  Little Voices gave me confidence to work solo, and as a team which has helped me significantly now. It helped me with my presentation skills, vocal skills, which I am constantly using in work presentations. Little Voices made me realize that in life you have to remove yourself from you’re comfort zones. I highly doubt I would have moved countries, to a Dutch speaking country with no family or friends if I didn’t have the confidence Little Voices gave me


What did you love about your lessons?

  • I loved the freedom of the lessons, and the structure of the lessons (one week singing, one week drama). The teachers made you feel so comfortable, and the other pupils were great to get along with. Having the choice of musicals and plays meant you always had the freedom to choose characters. Little Voices expanded my vocal range, and dramatic skills which have significantly impacted my life today.


Can you give a one line quote/advice for those wishing to follow in your footsteps?  (what they should absolutely do to reach their dreams?)

My quote I live by “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself & a little less time trying to impress people”