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It was interesting a couple of weeks ago when one of the judges pointed out to an auditionee the three things that drama schools/performing arts institutions are looking for in a potential student. He was pointing out to this particular gentleman how fantastic his performance was because it contained all of these three things.

For our purposes we will call this week tip the three C’s! I felt that it was great advice for all of our pupils at Little Voices.

The judge said that you need to be:

It is so true when we are preparing for a performance or an examination or presentation of any kind it is so important to be really comfortable with your material. You become comfortable by understanding what you are doing, practising what you are doing and enjoying what you are doing.

It is crucial that our personalities and true raw emotions are portrayed in our delivery so that we can really touch the audience. You can then draw them in to the piece and the performance comes alive.

And of course, at Little Voices we really care and take the time to build every child’s confidence and really ensure that they can present themselves professionally and their performances with poise and passion!

Hope you have a great week!