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Why we deserve to win this award….

Testimonials from our current parents highlight why we should win this award. I feel and I am much more comfortable with them highlighting how good we are and why we deserve to win than saying all of the things that we feel we do well that help us to win this award. I know that we have a 100% pass rate in all examinations with LAMDA, I know that we care about each individual child’s vocal and dramatic development, I know that we try our very best to help a child to reach their full potential and nurture core life skills to help them in all areas of their life!
But what do our parents say?
Katy Main:
“A highly professional company. All the staff are extremely welcoming, patient and nurturing. My daughter has been attending for over a year now & is thriving! She loves every lesson & has made tremendous progress. She is so much more confident & spends most of her time singing
around the house. Highly recommend!”
Rachel Barber:
“My daughter absolutely loves going to Little Voices. Always greeted with a warm and friendly welcome and the teachers are fantastic. The lessons and theatre weeks are amazing. So if you are looking for an after school club where your child will develop their singing and acting skills choose Little Voices.”
Katie Locke:
“My daughter has been a pupil of little voices for a number of years now and absolutely loves it. She’s one of the oldest pupils now I think. It really brought her out of her shell and helped keep her sane during her GCSE period, which was very stressful. She gets on really well with all her tutors and looks forward to her lesson every week. Thank you.”
Tracy Kemp:
“My daughter absolutely loves Little Voices. She wasn’t lacking in confidence beforehand, but the staff have taken her confidence and channelled it  into something wonderful.Little Voices is an amazing place where children can discover who they are and become what they are destined to be.”
Jo Owens-Crook:
“My 6 year old and 4 year old have just started classes here and absolutely love it!The children have come out of each lesson ready to tell me all about what they have been learning and are just having so much fun!! The staff make the children feel very comfortable and welcome from day one and they are very organised and professional.”
Tina Miller:
“Harriet has been attending Little Voices since it started in Peterborough and has thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. She has grown in confidence since then and is now able to happily speak in public and has on many occasions addressed an audience without a worry. She has really enjoyed working as part of a group and loves working on the musical theatre pieces. I would recommend Little Voices to anyone – it is fun and yet still teaches your children some very valuable lessons”

Who are ‘Whats On 4 Little Ones’?

Whats on 4 Little Ones was set up by mums for mums to help them to find some great activities or classes to try in their area. Mums with young families share the belief that keeping kids active is the most important thing we can do as parents. Over 1 million people visit their website every year and over 15,000 people attend their events. They keep you updated with ideas and news on children’s activities throughout the UK and local to you and give you inspiration with their monthly newsletter. They run an annual awards event and we have been nominated in this category:
Best Franchised/Licensed Activity for Children aged 5 to 12
If you could vote for Little Voices we would be so thrilled. It would be wonderful to spread the word to even more mums and dads about Little Voices and winning this award would help us to do that!

Little Voices History and now winning awards

Little Voices was founded in 2007 and there were just 12 pupils in attendance. It was always about the individual child and today the ethos; care and attention remains the same. We pride ourselves on nurturing talent and building confidence in children aged 4, right up to 18 years through excellent vocal and dramatic tuition in very small groups. We work towards LAMDA examinations and through this highly-regarded examination board we are able to ensure that children embrace exams with positivity and fun whilst at the same time filling their CV’s from a very young age! At Little Voices children learn that an exam is not something to be feared and we help children and young people to achieve in all areas of their life not just on the stage! Winning an award of this nature would mean so much as it is parents showing their support for what we do and letting other parents know how highly they think of us.

Why this award means so much to us….

This award means so much because it is voted for by parents! It is not a panel of experts that decide who is the best, it is parents, teachers and professionals that have experienced Little Voices and have voted for us to be the best. This means more to us than anything else as it highlights that we are doing a good job and it shows other parents that we are a company to trust and that their children will be well taught and well looked after.

We turn 10 years old this year and it would mean so much to be able to have this gold star award to our name in this very special anniversary year!

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Overview of TV Talent Shows by The Vocalist


Television CAN be a great medium for singers and entertainers, however, with the exception of specifically designed amateur shows or appearances, they should be avoided by beginners to the biz and the faint-hearted! The competition is TOUGH, criticism BLUNT and as with any audition process or talent show – there are no guarantees that you will get through to the next round.


Be PREPARED! Make NO mistake – it is VERY rare for the finalists and eventual winner to be a complete amateur!!! Most finalists have had some form of training and/or experience in performing in front of a live audience (not just their friends and family!!) – in some cases the contestant/s have spent a lot of money and years training with professional teachers or have a family connection to the music business! The best advantage you can have at a talent show or competition is to be WELL REHEARSED and CONFIDENT that you can do your best on the day.


Although the majority of contestants fade swiftly back into obscurity, a small percentage have been successful like Victoria Wood, Lenny Henry, ShowWaddyWaddy, Lena Zaveroni, Freddie Star, Leona Lewis…….. some of whom had been doing the club, cabaret and/or talent show circuit for a while before appearing on a TV Talent Show. If you are a talented unsigned artist who is thick skinned, knows the score and are prepared to give it your best shot then this is a good opportunity to be seen and discovered.




TV Talent shows


What we see on the television as the audition process is not the reality! No one sees the famous judges first….. the process is time consuming and involves hours of queuing and waiting time!! You have to remember that the role of the TV show is to create a programme that is interesting to watch and will attract millions of viewers. Appearances can be deceptive so if your child or indeed someone you know is looking to audition be prepared……..


As promised here are a few of ‘cons’ as discussed by The Vocalist regarding TV Talent shows!



  1. Queues – Television auditions are popular and you can expect to wait several hours or even all day before getting through the doors, let alone being seen!


  1. Contestants – May be eliminated on looks whilst waiting in line – all that time waiting and no opportunity to audition!


  1. Audition – Contestants are usually screened by the shows producer, a representative from the management company or other personnel and may NOT be called back for an audition with the celebrity judges (who you may not see at all until the night of the show).


  1. Cameras – The advent of ‘Reality TV’ means that the contestant must be prepared to be filmed during the whole process.


  1. Performance – Be prepared for criticism! Celebrity judges like New Faces Tony Hatch, Pop Idol’s Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman held no punches when it came to their opinion of the artists performance.


  1. Contracts – Contestants must sign a contract with the show which may tie them into a label or management company that has little or no interest in promoting them and may include terms which are detrimental to the performer i.e., minimum royalties, low or non existent performance fees and deductions from earnings even when no longer with the company.


It is better to be prepared than not……..


We hope that you have a great week!

On the topic of TV TALENT SHOWS!


On the topic of TV TALENT SHOWS!

It is good to be pragmatic – being sensible, realistic and practical will ensure that you embrace the opportunity and learn from the experience rather than being sorely disappointed and deflated in my opion it is very often the most talented individuals that do not make the finals ! The last thing that we would want at Little Voices would be for your confidence to be affected.


Expectations of TV Talent Shows advice from The Vocalist:


Each program audition varies depending on the shows requirements and programming schedule. Auditions are often held in a small room where you may be required to sing one song only – without accompaniment in front of one or more people. You may be interviewed and/or filmed separately and required to complete a contract providing permission for any and all clips to be used without payment or re-use royalties, plus agree not to discuss any aspect of the program without permission in the event your audition is successful.


Once you’re in the doors, the program staff are usually friendly and helpful. Unless stated in the application form, refreshments and overnight accommodation are only provided to successful finalists. Those who are selected to appear on the show are treated pretty well and extras can range from transportation to the show, refreshments on the night or overnight accommodation to a complete package of specialised training and full accommodation for the length of the program (or until your voted out!)


Winners may expect to win the advertised prize, however, these may not be as great as they seem! An offer of a recording contract does NOT indicate that the label or management company will pay for or promote you as an artist. Any advance is just that … an advance against future earnings. These funds may have to pay for studio and recording time, training or equipment and may be claimed back by the company if the artist fails to generate enough sales to cover the advance (YES REALLY!!!!!)


No-one can anticipate what the programmers, judges or viewing public really want – if you don’t get through – be philosophical about it – after all, it’s only a competition – there will probably be another show in yet another format next year!