Little Voices Stockport Rising Film Star!

Aparna  Nair who until very recently was a Little Voices Stockport pupil has made a film and we are excited about it.

The title is: Oru Kunju Poovine (One Small Flower)

A story about a typical Asian family based in UK (first generation), who want their children to learn something they like and do not bother to ask the children’s wishes.

It ends on a happy note I am pleased to say!

Click the link below to view it.

Oru Kunju Poovine

Aparna’s Mother is happy to recommend Little Voices and this is what she had to say:

“Aparna was interested in performing from a young age and has participated in dance and small performances. We were looking for some where she would get training. That was when we heard about the opening of “Little Voices” in Stockport. We did read some fantastic reviews about the academy and we liked their teaching methodology where drama and singing was trained in tandem. We attended the taster session with Susan and Aparna was really impressed and took a liking to her teaching style. Aparna loves to go to Little Voices and since then she has passed her LAMDA exams and continue to enjoy her sessions. We would recommend to all parents “