What Can Performing Arts Teach Us?

I quite often find myself wondering about all of the skills that music and drama can teach us, here is a list of my top ten, but there are plenty more!


  1. Creativity-This one is obvious, we can apply this skill in all areas of our lives, we learn to think outside the box and we inherit lots of different ideas!
  2. Confidence– Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you can deliver a poem or speech to your peers, then you can make a presentation, or say hello to a big group of people, we learn to value our own voices.
  3. Problem Solving– If something isn’t working in our piece, if someone is ill, if someone forgets a line, we have to work around all of those things and we learn to problem solve, remember there is always a solution!
  4. Perseverance– When we have something to work towards, when we have a deadline in the form of a performance or exam, we become determined to do our best, if we can’t remember a line, we come up with a creative way of remembering it, if we can’t master an accent, we persevere until we can!
  5. Focus– If we want to dedicate ourselves to anything we need to focus a certain amount of our time and energy into that activity, we also learn to prioritize, to block out distractions to get the best results!
  6. Non-Verbal Communication– Sometimes people are saying things without using words, “It ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it!” When we think about what gestures and faces tell us we start to understand people differently and in a more meaningful way.
  7. Taking Constructive Feedback– Nothing we do is absolutely perfect and there is always room for improvement, learning to accept criticism and tips for the future is important in all areas of our lives.
  8. Collaboration– Teamwork is so important at Little Voices, we work closely alongside our team and we may not always agree, but we will always find a compromise!
  9. Dedication– We should always try our very best to honour our commitments, if we say we will be somewhere we should be there even if we don’t feel like it at the time!
  10. Accountability– If we mess up or forget a line, it’s our fault, but it’s not the end of the world and next time we can make sure it doesn’t happen!


Can you think of any more? Remember our contact details for Little Voices if your child is ready to begin their journey and pick up some of these essential life skills.


Bexley@littlevoices.org.uk, www.littlevoices.org.uk