Our lessons for young people aged 13-19 


This month is all about our older pupils. We might be called Little Voices but we teach all the way up to 18 years old! Our Voices lessons are for young people aged 13-18 and we can proudly say that we have so many Voices pupils with us now who started with us when they were very young! To see them flourish over the years is fantastic. Many assist us at lessons front of house and go on to become assistant tutors in our theatre weeks and even return to the Little Voices after university as tutors!


Voices lessons are ideal for those looking to gain valuable life skills that will take them through into the next stage of their life. Whether they need extra points to assist their college and University application, need confidence for a job interview, feel nervous about going to university so want to gain some group and team skills before going or are aggressively following a career on the stage… Whatever the reason may be, Voices lessons can help them. 


The Voices lessons are great for confidence building and making sure that our older pupils are totally prepared for whatever an interview or audition throws at them. LAMDA solo and duo examinations at grades 6, 7 and 8 carry accredited points that can be used for university and college entry. And remember even if their university course does not accept the accredited points the benefits of drama and singing tuition every single week will have built a young person’s life skills for the interviews that follow an application to higher education. The commitment that your son/daughter has shown by attending an after school activity every single week alongside what they have learnt will be such positive discussion topic for the personal statement section of an application form. 


For those pursuing a drama school place Voices lessons can play key part in that process. The choice of audition repertoire can be discussed and prepared with our expert tutors. Our groups are so small and we are able to give individual tuition and guidance in our groups to help pupils to achieve success. Our track record last year in one franchise was outstanding as every single pupil that applied for drama school got a place. 


The examination results received at Little Voices from LAMDA will shine on the application form and can be a talking point in an interview. The preparation and the journey that I have seen many Voices pupils take is a huge learning curve and disappointment is very much part of that journey. Strength of spirit and determination is needed – in many ways the audition process is setting you up for the job itself! To even attempt to get into drama school, having the correct training and examinations behind you is vital. Voices lessons aim to provide pupils with a full understanding of what they are letting themselves in for as many of our tutors are or have been working professionals as well. It is really important to manage expectations as well as allowing a pupil to indulge in their aspirations and pursue their dreams. A Voices lesson is a safe space to manage expectations and the rollercoaster of auditions both successful and unsuccessful.


If anything resonates with you and you feel that your teenager would benefit from vocal and dramatic training in our nurturing small group environment please get in touch with your nearest Principal. We really care at Little Voices and will do our best to advise you.