Why are LAMDA examinations important?

When I was 5 years old my parents decided to take me to Keyboard lessons. Over the months it was clear to see my development, however to help measure this progress I entered examinations. After teaching for 9 years in secondary schools, I have come across pupils who have the knowledge to tackle a particular exam but not the experience of an exam situation. I realised that what I gained was more than just a range of qualifications to put on my CV but also the experience to tackle exams in a positive, calm manner.

Having the knowledge is half the battle! If you are too nervous, you can get flustered and then find it hard to write or think clearly.  I am so impressed with how the LAMDA examinations help develop the skills our children need to be able to be successful.


(Principal of Little Voices Brentford, Ealing and Wembley)


Blog: August 2018

Just how do theatre weeks benefit our children?


Children need stimulating, and whilst in school parents don’t have to worry about how they are filling their days. Children love to learn and are like sponges – absorbing the knowledge given to them. So during the school holidays it is natural to want to make sure that children are still being stretched and their learning doesn’t just stop. This does not mean that we need to sit children down on hot summer’s days and force them into doing their times tables. Learning can be fun, and can so easily be disguised as fun! 

Theatre Weeks and Workshop Days in the summer tick off lots of boxes for parents. Parents are looking for childcare in the school holidays as normal routine is disrupted. Theatre weeks run to normal school times making it possible for parents to still go to work. The ‘childcare’ and learning that they would get when their children are at school is covered.

Children don’t feel like they are necessarily learning! The things children learn on theatre weeks will probably go unnoticed! To name but a few:

  • Learn how to work in a team with children your own age, older and younger
  • Learn how to make friends outside of school
  • Learn about different emotions included in the theme and the story of the theatre week
  • Learn about the stage and how to be safe on it
  • Scripts and lyrics help children’s vocabulary
  • Learn the art of storytelling 

And SO much more…

But don’t just take our word for it…

“A great place for them to have fun in the holidays, improve their confidence and performing skills. My daughter loves every minute and we were so proud of her in this last Moana performance as she took centre stage and sung beautifully – something she has shied away from before – so it is really helping her learn how to perform. Thanks to all involved.”-Julie Stroscio

“Yvie had a fab week with High School Musical. The staff are so professional and helpful and is great to see her develop so much in the space of a week. Totally recommend theatre weeks to anyone!” -Kim Bent

“Evelyn was totally buzzing after the Moana theatre week. She immediately said she wanted to do it all over again and it was so lovely to see how she lit up when all the songs came on. Thank you little voices for giving her such a positive experience.” – Katharine King


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