We are so proud!


Well is it really Christmas next month!? Where has this year gone? Having said that we really have filled the year with so much, and celebrated so many successes nationally, it has just been amazing! At Little Voices one of our beliefs is for children as well as tutors and Principals alike, to be the ‘best that they can be’. That really is all you can ask of someone, isn’t it? Everybody has their own strengths and everybody is different. Actually if we were all the same the world would be a very boring place. No child is the same as another child, and we celebrate every single child’s individual ways. Successes for us aren’t just incredible exam results, which of COURSE we celebrate, they are also the little successes that happen every single week. The little successes are often what make the ‘big’ success happen. We build confidence in children.

Some children some to our lessons because they want to be on the West End, lots because they enjoy performing and lots because their parents think they will benefit from more confidence in their everyday life.  Confidence to do things like put their hand up in class, confidence to make friends, confidence to go for an interview at a University. With confidence you open so many doors. When parents tell us that their child was happy to stand up and do their homework presentation in class, and they felt confident in doing so, it really is music to our ears. 


Our exam results are something we are incredibly proud of. We have had a wonderful relationship with LAMDA for 12 years now, and we have watched thousands of children take their exams and pass with flying colours too!  To see any child with their certificate is incredible. That certificate symbolises hard work, commitment, and confidence to perform in front of another person. Confidence to make friends with their group. Confidence to turn up on exam day and do their very best. It is so much more than a sheet of paper. 


On top of the successes that happen daily and yearly for our pupils, our tutors are also a huge part of those successes. Our tutors are the people who inspire and are the builders of confidence. They encourage, praise and ensure that every single child is made to feel incredibly special. They are the foundation to ensuring that the success happens. 


In Head Office, Jane Maudsley our CEO won Industry Champion of the Year! A huge success for all centres nationwide. A huge success as it symbolises that we are doing everything to ensure that your children are safe, happy and we do exactly what we say we do.  

A whole year (almost) of successes to celebrate, and we are SO incredibly proud of everybody who is part of Little Voices.