Give the gift of confidence



As a parent, finish the sentence…
All I want for Christmas is – a happy confident child? Perhaps?

Absolutely! All parents wish for their children to be happy and confident! Well did you know that
you can give the gift of confidence to your child? How can you help your child with confidence you
ask? Well to start with it is coming up to nativity time. A time when most children across the country
will take part in a Christmas performance in front of family and friends. For some children this is
really exciting, but for others it is highly daunting! The thought of having lines, songs and to stand up
in front of an audience to perform this fills them with dread. How can you help to take this feeling
away from them and ensure that they can enjoy their nativity and feel confident?

Discuss the lines and the script with your child and practice songs and script at home with them.
Practice again and again and again. After all practice does make perfect!
Have a chat with your Little Voices tutor. They may also be able to help!

If you know of any children who are struggling, then please send them in our direction for a chat.
We’d love to help. We know that lack of confidence or a bad experience can follow a child to adult
life. However, the feeling of being happy and confident and a wonderful performing experience will
also follow a child into adult life!

Happy December!


Samantha 🙂