A child’s future should not be affected by the lack of arts in the education system!

It’s a worrying state of affairs to constantly hear about the cuts to creative subjects from the curriculum when the benefits of subjects such as drama and music are so crucial to a child’s overall development and preparation for life. There are so many benefits of these subjects that schools will struggle to replace; creativity, resilience, motivation, humour, courage, spontaneity, compassion, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, improvisation, teamwork, pushing boundaries, self-confidence, handling adrenalin and critical thinking and that is just a small proportion of the huge list of benefits!

Drama and music help a child to develop so much in all areas of their life and as they mature into adulthood the foundations created through a fun medium are critical when asked to present in your career or respond with confident eye contact, body language and projection in an interview. The cuts will affect all children and especially the ones who have ambitions of being on the stage and gracing our red carpets in the future.

The good news is that there are options that enable parents to nurture their children’s talents, enhance their life skills and build their confidence outside of the school environment. Cuts within the education system are forcing parents to look elsewhere for alternatives. I have taught a pupil for several years and without the tuition she would not have had the doors opened to the future that she dreamt of and the confidence to pursue her ambitions. The curriculum does not embrace performing arts education as much as it could and therefore parents need to source performing arts education outside of the school environment each week. This particular pupil fought of hundreds of young hopefuls to secure her place at one of the UKs leading performing arts schools with a scholarship to Sylvia Young Theatre School, London. However the skills to get into this school have not been thanks to the great British education system but providers of drama, singing and dance after school.

In an era of cuts it may be that a growing number of parents look outside of school to help to supplement their children’s ambitions and all round education.

I believe that it is an absolute tragedy that children from all backgrounds are going to suffer with the cuts to drama and music provision. It is just not recognised as being as important as Maths or English yet it is a fundamental to a child’s learning and development as any core subject. Music embraces all of the core subjects of maths, English, geography, history, science and so much more. Personal development in self-confidence and presentation sets a child up for life. It concerns me that children’s vocal and dramatic talents will not be nurtured within schools to their full potential. Of course that is superb news for Little Voices as we exist to enhance a child’s talents and confidence and we are lucky to teach such fabulous students who go on to pursue their dreams of becoming a professional actress at prestigious schools across the country. In a time of such uncertainty for the creative arts in schools we are able to inspire the next generation through singing and drama and are keen to help as many children across the UK as we can.

The future may be very hazy for the arts in schools but parents need to rest assured that there are organisations out there on your doorstep such as Little Voices that can you’re your child to reach their full potential in life and strive for a career in the industry if they wish.