A Parents Perspective On Little Voices.

A parent responded to us about what they felt about Little Voices and we felt that it would be lovely to share with you.

Little Voices is so much more than that.


“I have just read the email you sent about what Little Voices is and felt I needed to reply. As you know at the beginning I was one of these parents who thought that I would be entertained by my daughter and the rest of Little Voices in shows, like other groups around our area. I even looked at taking Georgina out of Little Voices and putting her into one of these groups so that she would get ‘I thought’ a rounded education within the world of singing and drama. I would like to let the parents know from a parents point of view that I understand their questions and wanting to see their child perform, but and it’s a big but, Little Voices is so much more than that, I have learnt as a parent of a child who loves drama and entertaining that she needs more than putting on shows, she needs to understand herself and to understand how to get the best out of herself, whether or not she is speaking to one person or over 1000 people. Little Voices has not only helped my daughter in speech and confidence but has given her so much more. Little Voices has helped her to understand the world in which she has chosen to be part of.

I know a few people who go to these other groups and when I asked them what they do, I am horrified to hear that there is no structure within the class groups. The numbers are high in the class and the ages are mixed. My daughter has also made friends with a child who attends wild cats and when she asked her friend about how you stand when speaking, the girl did not know what my daughter was on about. She did not know about the stage rules and she did not understand how to be the perfect audience, something I never thought of either.
I am so glad that I have kept Georgina at the group and for as long as she wants to, she will stay within the family of Little Voices. I will also keep praising the work and letting people know what a wonderful organisation Little Voices is.”

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts. We thrive and develop as a result of parent’s feedback and it is always a pleasure to receive.


Email: SWL@littlevoices.org.uk