Opportunity to run a Little Voices Centre


Frankly, we both know there are a lot of ‘business opportunities’ out there for people with a love of training children in drama and singing. I have seen my fair share of them and surely you have too. Most of what is out there is not about the individual needs and development of each pupil. It is not about ‘training’ to the very highest level. It is not based on 1:1 Style teaching. Many are not a reflection of the expertise that teachers of a very highest quality can provide.

I realised that if I wanted to make serious money, teach a subject I was passionate about, avoid the August drought and have money coming in whether I was physically teaching or not I’d have to find something that met what I called my ‘Must have ingredients’……

Ideal Teaching Ingredient 1: HUGE DEMAND
It must be a product someone wants and needs. Children are born daily so there is no lack of market! Every parent hopes for a confident, happy child. Some even crave a life on the stage!

Ideal Teaching Ingredient 2: INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION
Every child deserves individual tuition to nurture their specific technical needs. They also need to learn to work as part of a team as we only occasionally stand on stage to perform a solo or soliloquy. You have to work together as a ‘cast’ to produce a performance and very small groups work best

Ideal Teaching Ingredient 3: NO DISRUPTION TO HOME LIFE
Do you really like parents sitting in the hallway whilst you teach? Does it feel intrusive at times? Are their certain parent and pupils you adore and some that you could do without? Are their some that pay on time and some that don’t? Are there some that cancel last minute and then want a catch up lesson? AVOID ALL OF THIS. It is ideal to have a separate home life and work life. It is better if you don’t have to work Saturdays and Sundays

It is frustrating when you arrive at a school to teach and there is a school trip that day that you were not informed about. It is annoying if pupils are absent and you are not paid or have to reschedule to get paid for the lesson. It is frustrating to be sat reading a book and aware that your time has not been respected. Isn’t it? Teachers can avoid all of this.

Ideal Teaching Ingredient 5: SECURITY AND PROTECTION
Teachers need to feel well equipped with knowledge about your responsibilities as a Teacher working with Drama and Vocal Students in terms of Child Protection, Safeguarding Policies and Procedures with regards to yourself and others, Health and Safety Responsibilities, Insurance, procedures in case of fire etc. Teachers are in a vulnerable position working 1:1 in small practise rooms or at home!

Teachers have a good hourly rate of pay on the whole but because it is only for the hours that you work and generally only during academic term times this is only a great hourly wage 39 weeks of the year. What about the other third of the year? What about when you are sick? What about if you want to take a holiday? There is no ability to still have money flowing in.

Ideal Teaching Ingredient 7:LITTLE OR NO RISK INVOLVED
Rest assured this business and lesson framework can out-perform anything else out there – despite “the economy”. This system is so powerful that I can back it up with a double guarantee, but more of that later.

Ideal Teaching Ingredient 8: LOW COST HIGH QUALITY
One of the cheapest investments available on the market that you will ever make and your first venue with as little as 16 pupils gives you instant profit and builds month after month thereafter. The quality and reputation is OUTSTANDINGLY HIGH!

It can be as big or as small as you want it to be. It can supplement the teaching that you are currently doing or the performing that you enjoy. It can replace it in its entirety and become a full time business. You can keep it small or you can employ tutors and make it HUGE. The choice is yours.

You can have a business NOT just the business of you tutoring all of your life. You have something to give you a huge income and you have something to leave to your children and grandchildren. You have a future and a plan for retirement BUT still with MONEY coming in. This does not happen if you teach one to one at home or in a school!

Truth is in many performing arts organisations or private tutors find it hard to find a single one of these must have ingredients (if you are lucky you may get 3 or 4)


So how did I come up with the solution everyone’s been looking for?

Well, I can’t tell you why no one else has thought of this, but I can tell you how I did.

It was a Friday afternoon in August. I was sat at a coffee shop table with a very close friend and colleague of mine and I was discussing my life, my broken marriage, my work as an excellent Vocal Tutor, my new baby and breastfeeding and expressing milk for her on the road, the juggling act that I did as a peripatetic teacher travelling from school to school, then home to teach till 9pm and the dreaded Saturday and Sunday teaching. The severe lack of money in August!

There had to be more to life than this.

We scribbled down a whole list of elements that we felt were crucial when teaching children Drama and Singing in the traditional sense: the Voice had to be taught with a piano, we had to ensure that examinations were part of the process, we had to strive for the very best, we wanted parents to have a logistically easier time whilst trying to negotiate after school activities and therefore they could have their Child’s drama and singing training taking place at the same place, at the same time in a exceptionally small group and in a safe and secure environment with highly qualified and passionate teachers; A Drama Teacher and a Vocal Teacher. No weekends so that children could still attend parties and have weekends away. These were just a few of the ingredients. With all the ingredients detailed down I KNEW it would work. It had potential, it met every one of my ingredients but even in the euphoria of that day, I never imagined that it would be so successful, so quickly.

We opened the first lesson 3 weeks later in September and week upon week we were generated profit. 9 months later – a holiday in AUGUST to Disneyworld, Florida and a lump of cash to go with in addition £3,000 for the summer.

That all started with 16 pupils!

The money is great – it has made a huge difference to my household but the real beauty of my idea is that it fits in entirely with my other teaching commitments (although I reduced those right down when I saw this working so well) it fits in with the performance work that I still enjoy to do, it also fits in with my family life.

If I can do this you can too.


Instead of detracting from my teaching commitments and reputation it has ENHANCED them. It fits with my life and contributes a substantial income each month.

It gives you control, it gives you something that can be built to whatever level you wish it to be and it provides a future for you and your future generations.

But if my business flourishes in just one little town – and the truth is that virtually any town or village anywhere in the world and Teacher of Drama and/or Singing needs what I now do. That’s a huge potential market  – and a great opportunity for you.

It is easy to replicate, wherever you live in the country, whatever your current circumstances and experience and whatever kind of lifestyle you have in terms of teaching based or primarily performance based.

So if you could use some serious additional income………..Read on and learn all about Little Voices …..


Here’s part of the secret

I’ve developed a system..

And I mean a complete system – step by step, just foolproof – for starting, marketing, building and running a successful singing/drama business.[Don’t get scared its really straightforward and everything has been thought of for you. Everything.]

Having a system is really important. There is a reason why the government says that franchises are ten times more likely to succeed than other businesses. It’s the concept of using proven systems. DO exactly what someone else is doing, you will get similar results. Makes sense, right?

  • Make no mistake this is a franchise business BUT the difference is it is an AFFORDABLE one. It is very affordable, and most importantly MAKES YOU MONEY. There is a system there are royalties to pay and there is an upfront fee but its affordable and the Royal Bank of Scotland will help you too with the upfront fee if I introduce you to them. The Royal Bank of Scotland loves our concept and approve everything that we offer, they will consider supporting your set up costs with us

There is little risk involved because the systems are already in place and have been tried and tested for you. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to….

Little Voices is performing Arts Organisation that specialises in the highest level of training for children aged 4 – 18 years in a unique framework of lessons; Drama and Singing Lessons of Distinction. The lessons are taught in very small groups of only six children and alternate between Drama and Singing to build children’s confidence, whilst working specifically towards highly respected and accredited examinations.

  • The lessons are taught within schools after school and at lunchtimes NOT at weekends
  • The lessons are structured to work specifically towards examinations with LAMDA
  • We have a 100% Pass Rate over 90% Merit and distinction
  • Parents love our approach to structured training for their children and the traditional methods that we use
  • The lessons are suitable for those that wish to pursue a life on the stage and also those that just wish to become more confident in other areas of their life
  • Your only costs are 2 Tutors (only 1 other if you are teaching the lessons)
  • Occasionally room hire which is minimal anyway if applicable and royalty fees.
  • We have an outstanding reputation – Schools and parents love Little Voices

Would you like to meet me and hear lots more about Little Voices?

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