August is flying by!


As August is flying by, very soon the reality will set in that September and the new school term is upon us!

September is always a month of change. New teacher, new classroom, new subjects, new friendships and of course new opportunities. Your youngest may be about to embark on reception or you may be experiencing the change from primary school to high school or high school to college. For some of our pupils they are embarking on the jump from living at home to university or drama school and this can be such an unsettling time.

It is important during times of transition that some consistency remains and we find that although it can be tricky to fit everything in many parents and pupils choose to keep attending Little Voices. Familiar friendships, friendly teachers and the safe environment enables children’s confidence to develop. When a child is happy they will flourish and amongst all the changes in the new academic year the familiar setting of Little Voices provides a haven for them to continue to develop. Confidence, self-belief and self-esteem is so important for our pupils when they experience change and we know that drama, singing and the performing arts helps young people to develop inner strength.

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