Calling drama and singing teacher’s comments – do you charge?


When an ex student approaches you or a current student or friend asks you for assistance with getting through an audition or an interview what do you say when they ask about the cost?

Do you do it for free?




I would be really interested to hear your feedback on this as there was recently a post on a forum that I am a member of and I had a really definite answer and take on it but I was really surprised how many thought completely the opposite to me and wouldn’t charge. I just consoled myself with the fact that they must have loads of time available and have the lifestyle and income they need going forward.

What would your thoughts be?

So many people said that they would do it for free – surely if you set a president and do it for free (I have done this in the past) you will do the next one and the next one for free….it gets tricky.

And do you know what……. people do not expect it for free, they expect to pay for a service. When I approach someone I expect to pay for the service I am seeking – don’t you? Please do not get me wrong I am a really caring, friendly, heart on my sleeve person and I want to help and support people but experience has taught me that this is not the way of giving back. I really need to ensure that you don’t think that I am anything other than a very genuine, warm and caring individual. I really am – but I am not a fool and I am much clearer now than I was as a young teacher and my life is better as a result.

I am a trustee of a charity, I do lots of fundraising I give a proportion of my time and energy to the charity every month. I help out at my daughter’s school with the choir and concerts. I do this willingly and without remuneration. I give back in abundance but I do it on terms that ensure my goals and livelihood is also not affected.

I believe that how you handle the situation about is a question of your own personal goals.

I believe that if you are dreading the question, the awkward bit about money or you are apprehensive about your response then you deep down need and want paying. If it is not something that bothers you then you can and will happily give your time and expertise for nothing.

So who are you? Be really honest because the sooner you have this conversation with yourself the sooner you will reap the rewards.

You see I think that it is all about your personal goal and my time is precious and your time is too. I want every spare minute I have to be with family, my 7 year old daughter especially and the reason that I work so hard and have devised such a comprehensive, streamlined, customer focussed business is so that I can do the things that we want to do and have the time with her that I need. If I choose to use an hour of that time helping someone then that time is precious and it is time away from my daughter so I expect payment and equally as if it is scheduled into my working hours I have to charge for it. All my working hours are spoken for heading towards the goals and targets that I have set for myself for the month.

What are your thoughts – do you charge or not charge for that one off occasion where your expertise is being sought to help?

Isn’t it much more a question of you getting over the awkwardness of charging and how you address it (and charging enough- but that is another blog in itself!), rather than anything else?

I will leave my thoughts with you but would be really interested to hear your thoughts