Skills for life (part 1)



When we talk about drama and singing lessons or performing arts lessons not everybody understands just what that means. Or who these lessons are suitable for. At Little Voices we like to think of ourselves as a little bit different because we aren’t actively trying to make our pupils into the next big star (although with our training some children do go on to follow their dreams of being on the stage or television). We follow a set of beliefs that make our lessons inclusive to everybody, whether they are wanting to follow a career on the stage, or whether they are wanting more confidence, or to gain skills for life. 

What do we mean by skills for life? 

Drama and singing helps us to understand emotions, and why somebody may be feeling a certain way. It therefore allows children to build the skills to empathise and be accepting of others. We live in a world where it is so important to be kind and accepting, and teaching our children these skills young will stay with them for life. 

Along side that is will help with team work skills. Children and adults very rarely have situations in which they only have themselves to work with or consider. Our small class sizes of no more than 8 give children the chance from very early on to work as a team. When our children work on their exam pieces they have to work together to create their performance, and then to help each other out. If one child forgets their line for example, it is their responsibility as a team to help each other out. 

Performing arts lessons help with language and communication skills. When learning scripts, poems, or just within the context of a general lesson children will pick up new words, and in what context those words are to be used. When learning about emotion, how to speak to people, how things are said, the importance of eye contact etc then all helps to teach children how to communicate effectively with their peers and other people outside of their lessons too. I’m sure we can all agree that communication is a vital skill.

If you would like your child to experience Little Voices lessons and start to build these vital life skills, you can book 2 free trial lessons by contacting or 07515 873894.