Does my child need to be talented to benefit from Little Voices?


We are often asked by parents that call to enquire about our lessons if their child needs to be super talented, especially when they hear that we enter children for LAMDA exams.

Indeed, most parents do recognise a spark of potential before they call us. It might be an impromptu performance at a family gathering or in a school play or even just singing along to the radio. We all know when we can hear or see the beginnings of something exciting.

Not every child will display this potential early on and not always in front of parents. Sometimes children are so concerned with not looking silly that they don’t allow themselves the freedom to go for it in front of their loved ones. It is these children in particular that benefit from our lessons the most. We have had children afraid to speak, let alone sing in front of others grow to become confident and self assured in a matter of months.

It’s not the talent that matters, but each child’s individual journey that they must take. We reward more than just talent at Little Voices. Our pupil of the week/month/term awards recognise commitment to their group, learning lines outside of lessons, kindness to other children and pushing outside of their comfort zones. When a child knows that they will be supported fully by their tutor and classmates, it is so much easier for them to give a performance their all and they become proud of their achievements. This filters down into every other part of their life and will follow them into their adult careers. We really are building skills for life!

Have a great week.