Everyone Makes Mistakes


The title of this week’s email is quite profound but I think that if we can teach our children that mistakes happen and it is how we recover from them that is important then they will learn a fundamentally important life lesson!

Everyone makes mistakes and often mistakes happen when you least expect them but if you are well prepared you can quickly recover. A child has no idea what is going to happen in the LAMDA examination room. The pupils that have been doing exams for years can still make a mistake in the room on the day or have a wobble! A child who is taking their very first exam can equally be unnerved by the different surroundings and a strange face but this is all manageable and easily dealt with in a positive and constructive way.

PREPARATION is the key. PRACTISE is the key. Excellent TUITION and GUIDANCE is the key.

At Little Voices we can help with the preparation, we can give tips on how to effectively practise and we ABSOLUTELY can give excellent tuition and guidance so that your son/daughter can cope with the journey of lessons, performances and examinations.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can ever give to our pupils is if you make a mistake Don’t WORRY, Don’t STOP, Don’t PANIC just CARRY ON! Nine times out of ten the examiner or the audience will not have even noticed. How you recover from a mistake is the most crucial part of the learning process.

We are having a great week here at Little Voices and are looking forward to helping and embracing all of the little mistakes in the future!