Focus Is The Key!


Focus is so hard to sustain, especially for children and young people because naturally they have very curious minds and concentration is so difficult for prolonged periods of time.


Last night I was watching some exam classes at one of our centres. The performances overall were very good however ensuring that the pupils had focus and total immersion into their characters from the moment the music starts until the minute that the music ends is always a challenge.


It is really hard to play the role of a character in mind, body and emotional intensity for a prolonged period of time…..3 minutes. Of course at the same time they are moving around the staging area and singing…..


One’s mind naturally wonders and distractions occur.


The life skill that is being built through Little Voices lessons and the exam process is huge! We all need to be able to focus and concentrate in our job roles in later life.


Top tip…..


When you are listening and watching your son/daughter practise ensure that they are absolutely focussed and ‘in character’ from the very beginning to the very end of the piece. This may include periods of music where they are not required to sing or times of silence within an acting piece or whilst another character is singing or acting!


Have a great week!