‘Gain life skills to follow your dreams…’

One of our core beliefs at Little Voices is ‘to gain life skills to follow your dreams’

What do we mean by that and how can today’s email inspire us? Well it doesn’t matter what path you choose to go down in your life or what the dream is …you will need to acquire certain skills to achieve success. It is irrelevant if your child is planning to go to university, into an apprenticeship, straight into the workplace, auditioning for stage school or is taking a gap year and travelling the world. This belief applies.

You need to have the right thoughts running through your head – you need to believe in yourself and think positively and focus! A skill taught so well in drama and singing lessons. Whether it is remembering your lines, hitting the high note or projecting your voice confidently in the group.

You need to be supported by the right people – Little Voices small groups are the ideal setting for children and young people to experiment with their voices and skills, it is a safe, supported environment and everyone feels included.

You need to have the techniques required to do a good job – Any job role requires you to present yourself well, carry yourself, deliver the words that you need to say with confidence. Presentation and projection is taught so well through drama and singing!

As we head into the Autumn term we will be helping more and more children and young people to follow their dreams and giving them the life skills to achieve them in our weekly lessons.

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