How Can Learning Drama Help My Child?


Shyness is common in young children who are just finding their feet in the world, and you can worry about how your child will interact at school with their peers.

  • So how can you encourage your child to open up.

By developing their social skills you can help to grow their confidence and self esteem.

If your child is finding it tough to make friends and is shy around their school friends learning drama can help to coax them out of their shell and give them the confidence to find their own voice.

  • Every parent worries that their child is being included at school and it is our job to help them gain the skills they need to develop

By your child playing the role of another character they will learn how to interact in situations they wouldn’t normally face which is a great way to help your child overcome confidence issues

Here at Little Voices we provide a safe and fun environment where your child is free to explore different social reactions and learn about interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds. The non-judgemental atmosphere, created by our experienced tutors, helped with our small class sizes goes a long way to helping shy or insecure children to discover themselves and build their self-assurance.

How your child will benefit from drama.

  • Your child will grow in Confidence and Self esteem
  • Social interactions will become easier.
  • Vocal skills such as projection and vocal ability will increase.
  • Your child will make new friendships outside their school.
  • Presentation skills will become easier and school assemblies will become a pleasure for them.

Not only are there so many benefits but by simply attending lessons on a weekly basis will allow your child to develop a new interest in the performing arts, giving them a subject they can happily chat about to you, family and friends.

  • Seeing your child blossom is very rewarding for us and parents alike.

The great thing is that children are able to express themselves more articulately and your child will learn how to co-operate and compromise with others. These are lifelong skills and of huge benefit as a child and of course as an adult!

Have a great week!