How drama enhances a child’s life

I was chatting to a friend of mine last night over dinner and she was talking about how she blushes in lots of situations and how it has affected her her whole life. She said that anxiety and panicking was something that came over her at work, in personal situations and has a huge impact on her life. This made me incredibly sad. I know that drama tuition from a young age instils a level of confidence in a child that sets them up for life to deal with almost any situation with confidence and self-belief. It made me upset to think that we could have helped years ago if she has been a Little Voices pupil!

It is so important that a child is given the coping mechanisms and skills for life. Drama lessons are fun and whilst a child is having fun they are learning fundamentally important life skills that will serve them so well throughout their adult years.

Drama lessons are not just for aspiring actors but often that is what people can believe! I feel passionately that it is our job to educate everyone on the benefits of drama tuition for their child. It enhances a child’s life in so many different ways and should be one of the activities that continues into the late teens.

This is why it is such a shame that the curriculum has so little opportunity these days to develop the arts. A confident, happy child will succeed and if they get this confidence through drama it will have a positive knock on effect to all other areas of their life and all other subjects. It is sad but true that as the arts are axed more and more from our core education system it is down to parents to search for the right drama facilitator for their child and this is where Little Voices fits. It is not an activity that runs on the weekend breaking up family time, it is not a daunting large group of over confident talented children striving for a place on the West End Stage, it is a lesson each week in a small, safe and friendly environment with likeminded children of similar abilities working to their strengths and building their CV from a very young age with fabulous LAMDA exams. A child feels comfortable to share and explore their capabilities and make friends for life with those in the group. Of course we have some pupils that are super talented and will pursue a professional career but this is the minority rather than the majority. We believe that all children have the opportunity to reach their dreams and fulfil their potential given the right support and that everyone has something special to share. If the learning is fun and a happy experience everyone can be inspired to be the best that they can be!! This is what defines us at Little Voices and so if you are looking for an activity that channels your child’s dramatic talents or that may be able to help your child to shine bright as an individual look no further.

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