How to research a role/character?

All of these things are covered in lessons but it really helps if your child is also addressing these areas at home too!

1) Address the basics:

Who am I?

Where am I?

Who’s here with me?

What do I want?

What’s just happened?


Look for the answers in the script!

2) Create a backstory

It helps to clarify the character in our own mind and be prepared to adapt and amend as you go along!

3) Stay Open minded

Play with the character and explore your role

4) Research the real person

If your character is based on a real person then find out who she or he really was

5) Understand the history of when your character was born and the lifestyle  culture that was ‘the norm’

Even for Mini Voices if they can research the meaning of the words in their poem and really understand their meaning it will help! Maybe even learn about the poet who wrote their poem. It is all about preparation and creating good foundations for when they do have to learn a whole role in the Little Voices / Voices lessons.

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