“I can’t get my child to practise at home”



Well this is a common phrase that we hear from parents and grandparents every week, especially on the run up to an exam.

It’s a worrying phrase for us to hear a teachers and facilitators each week because we know that the lessons alone will not achieve the success that a child deserves. As a parent you know how important it is for your child to practise too! So how can we overcome this? There must be a solution!


I find that because every child learns differently that we need to find a method of practise that is enjoyable and easy for them. Practise needs to be effortless to a large extent


For some children writing the words down helps, repeatedly.

For others drawing pictures that reflect each word/phrase or line

Some prefer to put actions to the words

Older children can use their imaginations to sense, feel and place themselves subconsciously truly IN the setting of the piece.

And of course performing in front of as many different family members or in front of a mirror REALLY helps.


I hope that these little tips help!