“Inspirational Education for the next Generation”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to inspire children through drama and singing?

Have you ever wanted to manage your own time and be your own boss?


Does this thought excite you or does this thought scare you? Or do you feel both emotions when thinking about it?


Picture this…

You are your own boss. You have as many Little Voices centres running as you like. You have up to 80 children attending each Little Voices centre. You can have a drama and a singing tutor at each centre, or you can take the place of one of those yourself. Each class has no more than 8 children in it, allowing you to know every single child and what they need from your lessons.

You can work as many hours as suits your lifestyle, allowing you to grow your Little Voices business as big or as little as suits you.

No more 9-5. No more taking orders from someone else.

Would you like to know more about this opportunity?

Little Voices drama and singing lessons for children aim to provide ‘Inspiration education for the next generation’, but to do this we need to find motivated individuals who want to do the same thing…

Could you be one of those individuals? Or would you just like to hear a bit more information?

Fill in the form below to have a chat with a member of Head Office who can give you a little more helpful advice…

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