Last Minute Exam Prep

Before I sat my first GCSE I barely slept. All I could picture the exam hall looming, the deafening silence only broken by the sound of pen on paper.

When morning came I was exhausted, running on fumes, I barely ate and had to drag myself into my exam. This was the worst thing that I could have done before my exam. I had worked so hard, revised for hours, taken test paper after test paper, I was totally prepared for what lay ahead. Apart from what to do the night before, how to dampen those last minute doubts and fears.

Part of what is so great about Little Voices is that exams only happen if and when each child is ready, there is no pressure to do them at a certain time. But that doesn’t stop the last minute butterflies or little worries creeping in.

How can you help fight them for your son or daughter?

1. Remind them they can do it!

No one has ever failed an exam at Little Voices and I can assure you no one wants to change that! If for any reason we had any doubt that your child wasn’t capable of succeeding in an exam we would not suggest they do an exam.

2. Don’t overwork the piece

Don’t overwork the piece the night before. Do any normal prep, read through it and do a run through or two but don’t agonise over every syllable. All the hard work has already been done by now. Lines should already be memorised so there is no need to pour over the piece.

3. Stick to your normal routine

Have your normal bedtime routine and try and make sure that your child gets a good nights sleep.

4. Have a good breakfast

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meals of the day so not skipping it!
Try and eat something that will give provide enough energy to last for a while rather than something that will give a sugar high.

5. Talk about it

If your child is really worried or even if you are, talk to someone. There is always someone from Little Voices on hand for you to talk to. We will do warm ups and run-throughs before the exam and it’s a great way to get rid of any last minute nerves.

6. Have something planned for after

Have something to look forward to after the exam is finished, perhaps a meal out or a trip to the park or the cinema. This is a great way to celebrate the exam but it can also be a great distraction.


If you have any worries about anything just speak to your Tutor or Principal, it’s what we are here for!

Good luck!



Principal of Little Voices Cheshire West