Lemons or Lions…..

Vocal Tip # 5: Flex Those Facial Muscles


For the young ones we call this lion faces and lemon faces! It’s a game and it’s fun but the Mini Voices don’t realise that!!

As with other vital muscles that support great singing. The neck and facial muscles play an obvious role. Really the goal is to minimize the effort required to sing so that you may effectively control your tone and your pitch. Warming up cannot be avoided. There are mainly 10 groups of muscles in the neck, head, and face. Each consisting of numerous tinier muscles all working in harmony to create the beautiful sound making up your voice. Here is a list in order of the types of movements you can perform on various parts to prepare yourself to sing:

1)  Yawn

2)  Jaw Stretch

3)  The Pucker

4)  Silly Smile

5)  Eye Brow Lift

6)   Eye Roll


Ask your son or daughter to do their favourite warm up game to show you!!