Examination Board

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (L.A.M.D.A)

Little Voices enters all its pupils for examinations at least once in any academic year. The examination board that we use is L.A.M.D.A. due to their high standards and outstanding worldwide reputation.

  • Mini Voices pupils will work through the Introductory Communication Examinations offered by L.A.M.D.A.
  • Little Voices and Voices pupils will work through the Musical Theatre examinations offered by L.A.M.D.A.

Examinations are graded from Entry – Grade 8.

The examinations are accredited by QCA for the Solo/ Duo examinations and from Grade 6 are included in the UCAS tariff. These UCAS points can assist with our pupil’s University applications.

The examination fee structure is set by the examination boards and for your ease is included in the cost that you pay each month. Meaning that when it comes to examination time, providing that your child has not already had one examination that year, you will not have any extra costs.

LAMDA do not give out the times of the exam until 7 days before the examination.

For more information about exams call Head Office on 01254 207516.