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Little Voices

  • Little Voices lessons are 45 minutes in duration and are for 7-12 year olds.
  • Children are organised into no more than eight pupils in any group according to friendships and ability.
  • Lessons are taught on an alternate week system: one week the group has their drama lesson, the following week, at the same allotted time, the group has their singing lesson.
  • All lessons take place in the after school hours on a weekday and operate within the academic term time for the schools in the locality.
  • All our pupils follow the LAMDA Musical Theatre Syllabus and take at least one examination in the academic year.
  • The Vocal and Dramatic techniques are taught in an exciting yet disciplined way and we pride ourselves on building your child’s confidence and self belief whilst promoting good posture, articulation, projection, clarity and diction.
  • Our lessons are designed to build confidence and promote individual personal and social development. The Vocal and Dramatic techniques are taught in a fun yet disciplined way and we provide the highest level of training within our unique Little Voices lessons.
Every child should experience Little Voices -I never thought my once shy little girl would be stood on a stage single solos and acting lead roles but the best of all having fun while doing it- Little Voices is a very professionally run organisation and the staff are clearly very passionate about their work always having a smile on their face. Thankyou Little Voices
Andrea KeedyParent

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