Little Voices Richmond – Children’s Drama Lessons

Does your child love to act?

Would you like to nurture their confidence and channel their energy in an enjoyable way?


If you consider how many times your child will have to speak in front of others in their lifetime – present a project or read aloud, attend an interview for college or work, for example, the number will be very high, how can your child improve these skills in an enjoyable way?


Whether your child is a complete novice and has never had a drama lesson before or your son/daughter is already attending a weekly stage school and you wish to enhance their current tuition you have found the right place to nurture their acting ability.


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Little Voices Richmond provides specialised drama lessons, giving your child specific individual tuition within a group of only six children. Our highly qualified tutors are extremely passionate and are determined to work to your child’s individual needs and ability. Our unique lessons build children’s confidence while working specifically towards termly performances and highly respected and accredited Musical examinations through ‘The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts’.

What Age Ranges Do We Cater For?

Pupils are organised into small groups of pupils according to their friendships within the groups and their ability.

  • Mini Voices – lessons are 40 minutes and are designed for 4 to 7 year olds
  • Little Voices – lessons are 50 minutes long and are designed for 7 to 12 year olds
  • Voices – these lessons are also 60 minutes long, and are designed for 13 to 19 year olds.

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Your child can learn:

  • How to speak with clarity, projection and confidence

  • How to over come stage freight

  • How to look after their voice

  • How to prepare for a drama exam, performance or audition

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*Terms and Conditions apply. You MUST apply by filling in and submitting a Free Trial Lesson Form – click here to apply. This allows us to assess the different abilities of children, ages and friendships for the lesson. It in no way enrols your child into regular lessons.