Supplementary Information Form – NW Wilts & Bath

Little Voices Supplementary Information Form

  • Supplementary Information

    All information that is requested is the same information that is requested by the Examination Boards when we enter candidates for their examinations.
  • Details Of Person Submitting Supporting Information

  • Child's Details

  • If child is 16 years or over please send supporting documentation for Learner Authenticity: copy of Birth Certificate and/or Photo ID eg Passport.
  • Examinations Taken

  • Further Medical Condition Information

    If None state none
  • Please give details of applicant’s ability in the following

  • Please choose the appropriate documentation

    For candidates 16 years and over

  • Please choose the appropriate documentation

    For :Visual Impairment

  • Please choose the appropriate documentation

    For Medical or Physical Disability

  • Please choose the appropriate documentation

    For Physiological, Neurological, other Learning Difficulties Learning Statement from:

  • This form must be fully completed.
    Please do not submit this form to Little Voices without enclosing the appropriate supporting documentation to your principal.
    We ask for this documentation because Little Voices teaches to examinations and assessments which are subject to the requirements of examining bodies, which themselves require the provision of appropriate supporting documentation in any application for Reasonable Adjustments or Special Consideration.
  • Applicant Declaration

    I the above named person submitting this form confirm that the information contained in this form is accurate.
    I understand that the information I have provided will be used when Little Voices has a group lesson to offer the child named above.
    If the application is successful the information will be used to consider reasonable adjustments that will need to be applied.
  • As an organisation Little Voices have a duty to ensure the integrity of the lessons is maintained at all times and assessment in the form of examinations.
    At the same time we have a duty to ensure the rights of every individual child and young person to access Little Voices lessons and assessments in the most appropriate way for their needs.

    Little Voices must comply with LAMDA Code of Practice to enable it to be a registered examination organisation.
    Little Voices aims to facilitate open access to all its lessons for children and young persons who are eligible for reasonable adjustments in lessons, without compromising the teaching, learning outcomes and assessments (required by the examination boards) of the skills, knowledge and understanding or competence being measured and taught.