COVID-Secure Measures

As we all know, this year has presented new challenges for all of us, for much of the year our lessons have been running online, this has been invaluable to allow our classes to stay connected, maintain friendships and continue the hard work that our pupils have put in to their projects.

However, nothing quite beats coming together for our unique Little Voices lessons, so we have put measures in place to ensure that we are complying with, and exceeding safety standards.

  • Firstly, our small class sizes have meant that our classes have not had to be split or swapped around to maintain social distancing within our lessons, our classes have always been, and will continue to be small in order to give each pupil the individual attention that they deserve.
  • We make use of stage spaces in our lessons, so each child has their own place, marked out for them, they will each face the front, just as if they were on a stage.
  • We have excellent ventilation, we use an airy, spacious modern building with a great heating system; so we have good air circulation without the room being too cold!
  • We have a rigorous cleaning regime; in between each class, each stage space is thoroughly cleaned with NHS grade products.
  • We have a hand sanitising station by the door for use by each pupil on entry and exit.
  • We have planned ahead to ensure that there are no lesson handouts, we make us of google classroom to share materials, and the boards in the room to share information (eg lyrics/scripts) rather than handing out paper.
  • We have designated drop-off points for grown ups, and our pupils are collected by their tutor for their lesson so there is no crowding around entrances.
  • Finally, we have the option to log in to our face to face lessons from home; this is aimed at our pupils who are isolating due to being traced as a contact (usually at school), and who are usually present in our face to face lessons. They have the option to log in from home and take part.

I hope that all of this makes sense, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know, it is very important to me that our families feel comfortable with our lessons during this time, and I hope that it is clear that the pandemic is being taken seriously by all at Little Voices. We aim to keep our children happy and positive and we are delighted that we are able to run our lessons in this way.