Ealing Frequently Asked Questions


How do the lessons work?

We have a very specific way of working. At Little Voices we teach both singing and drama, and to get the best results out of our children we teach these separately. Therefore, we teach them both on alternate weeks; one week the children receive their vocal training, the next their drama training, the next their vocal training, and so on and so forth.

All children will work towards their LAMDA Musical Theatre exam, but other children may also work towards Communication (all minis), or other syllabuses depending on which would suit each individual child.


How many children are there in each class?

In all of our lessons we allow no more than 8 children.

Mini Voices classes are generally for children aged 4-7, and Little Voices classes are for children 7-13, and Voices lessons are for children aged 13-18 years.

There are many reasons for our small numbers:

Specific individual attention
Confidence within the group
Gain team and group skills

How long are the lessons?

The Mini Voices lessons are 30 minutes long and the Little Voices lessons are 45 minutes long.


Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Uniform is compulsory at our lessons and one must be worn every week when your child turns up. In your enrollment pack there is a uniform order form and you may order either a polo shirt or a hoodie.

Children wear comfortable trousers or leggings that they can move around in, and shoes also suitable for movement. Trainers/dance shoes are recommended.


What happens in the exams?

We treat exams as something exciting rather than daunting. We want our children to enjoy the experience. Understandably most children feel nervous before they go in to the exam, but they leave the exam room feeling so happy and a real sense of pride.

Group Musical Theatre Exam/Solo Musical Theatre Exam/Duo Musical Theatre Exam

– The children will walk into the exam room with their props and an accompanist to play the music.

– The children then have to recite their name and the name of their performance

– Perform their exam piece

Communication Exam

– The children walk into the exam room and introduce themselves and their poem.

– They recite their poem

– The child will have taken a toy, photograph or a book into the exam; they will then sit down and have a friendly chat with the examiner about their chosen object. They will need to be able to answer questions and create appropriate conversations with the examiner.

Duo Acting Exam/Solo Acting Exam

– The children then have to recite their name and the name of their performance

– Perform their exam piece

The exams are nothing to worry about. Every aspect of this exam is practiced over and over again in their lesson. The children will feel completely comfortable and very happy about it.


What happens once I have filled out the Free Trial Application Form?

Jemma will ring you. We will discuss your child with you and get a real understanding of your individual child and their characteristics. We do not choose the classes for the children simply based on age; the class must also suit their ability. At Little Voices we absolutely understand, for example, that not all 7 year olds are the same! We treat each child as an individual so that we can give them the best training to suit their needs.

Then once it has been decided where we think your child will fit, we will give you a date and a time so that your child can experience their first lesson. Your child will be able to trial either the singing or a drama lesson and we will ensure that your child will receive the full Little Voices experience.

Once your child has attended the lesson you will receive another phone call, this time to discuss your child’s experience with us and whether or not your child has a place/would like to return. If you do want to come back then fill in the enrolment pack and bring it to your first official lesson.


What is in the enrolment pack?

The enrolment pack is a pack full of information about Little Voices, and documents for you to fill in. They will give you information on payment and uniform. For health and safety reasons these forms MUST be filled in and returned.