Enrolling at Little Voices Enfield

We are so excited that Little Voices is the performing arts company of your choice.  We just have a few forms that need to be filled in and then we are ready to go!

For each child enrolling, you must fill in the following:

  • Little Voices Information & Code of Conduct
  • Uniform Order Request Form
  • Supplementary Information Form

Your principal will also send you the Covid screen questionnaire.

We thank you in advance for your patience for filling in the forms for your child!

Little Voices Information And Code Of Conduct

  • Little Voices Information And Code Of Conduct

    Thank you for selecting Little Voices as the performing Arts Organisation for your child.

    A member of our team will be in touch to confirm introductory trials and enrolments and provide the specific details that are relevant to your child.

    Excellent communication is paramount to everyone at Little Voices

    Each individual pupil progress and personal development is our primary concern

    Always feel you can speak to your principal about any aspect of your child’s drama and singing training whenever you need to

    In order that all our pupils can take advantage of the time that they spend with us and allow us to work well together we would be very grateful if you could read and acknowledge our Code of Conduct.

  • Our Little Voices Beliefs

    We Believe....
    ✓ In gaining life skills to follow your dreams
    ✓ That each and every person has something amazing to share
    ✓ In inspiring everyone to be the best that they can be!
    ✓ In being positive & happy – You’re never fully dressed without a smile
    ✓ Learning should be a fun and happy experience

    And we are passionate about building confidence and nurturing talent

  • Parents

    Personal details.
    It is crucial that all personal details are up to date in case a parent/ guardian needs to be contacted in case of an emergency.

    Personal details are also needed to enter pupils as pupils as a candidate for an examination with The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

    Little Voices adheres to the Data Protection Act and GDPR and our full policy and procedures are available on request.

    Personal data is only shared with Little Voices personnel on a need to know basis; Little Voices Head Office, Little Voices Franchisees, Little Voices tutors, Little Voices employees and with our nominated examination board LAMDA to ensure the delivery of lessons, activities and examinations.

    Pupil Absences.
    Please report any absences as soon as possible.

    Communication can be sent via email, text, telephone, or via the relevant social media page.

    Any pupil absence is noted, and Little Voices will contact you should two lessons be missed consecutively. If four lessons are missed consecutively without any communication from a parent/guardian, the pupils place will be allocated to another pupil.

  • Lessons

    Our highly qualified and experienced principals and tutors are committed to nurturing and encouraging our pupils to reach their full potential whilst building their confidence. If a child is happy, they will succeed. We provide a fun, safe, comfortable and stimulating environment in which our pupils can build friendships, acquire core life skills such as teamwork and achieve success in LAMDA examinations.

    We do not allow any parent into the teaching rooms to watch weekly lessons. This can be unfair to pupils and inhibits some pupils’ performance/confidence. Lessons must be fair to all.

    We also adhere to a stringent child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures following Disclosure and Barring Service guidelines.

    Punctuality is essential.

    Parents and guardians should ensure that pupils are punctual to all lessons, rehearsals and examinations and are collected promptly at the end of an activity.

    Pupils are expected to act in a courteous manner, support and work sensibly with fellow pupils.

    If necessary, pupils should be aware that their parents will be notified of any misbehaviour or disruption that occurs.

    Pupils must always follow the instructions of the tutor.

    Mobile Phones.
    The use of mobile phones in lessons is prohibited, and they should always be switched off.

    Food and Drink.
    Food and drink, other than water, is prohibited and should not be brought to lessons.

    Pupils must wear the Little Voices uniform and have the correct equipment needed for every lesson.

  • Our Uniform

    Little Voices has an excellent reputation and we take pride looking good in our uniform.

    All pupils are required to wear uniform.

    Please see the uniform order sheet on our provided.

    Little Voices are also proud to have an extensive merchandise range that can be purchased via your principal and that includes, bags, water bottles, leggings and of course uniform for when your child grows out of their current one.

    Sweatshirts and T shirts should be worn with plain black leggings or jogging pants (no logos or jeans) Black jazz shoes, jazz trainers or comfortable appropriate footwear must be worn for all classes.

    Little Voices notebooks are a communication tool used by tutors to ensure you are up to date with your child’s progress each week.

  • Examinations

    Little Voices strives to make examinations a positive experience for every pupil. They are a recognised qualification and a superb CV builder for all children highlighting their progress and recognising their hard work and development!
    Please make a note of the examination dates for the academic year to ensure your child is available.

    All examinations are taken with London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

    Little Voices and everyone involved in the organisation must comply with all policies and procedures detailed in LAMDA’s Guide for Teachers and Centres.

    Little Voices has its own policies and procedures which reflect the ones published by LAMDA and the Little Voices structure.

    Examination fees are set by LAMDA and are included in your payment package.

    Failure to make payment can and will affect a whole group, resulting in the group unable to be entered for their LAMDA examination.

    Dress Code
    All hair must be tied back and clipped off the face. This is a LAMDA requirement and ensures the whole face is visible for assessment purposes.

    Pupils must wear their Little Voices uniform for all examinations. Only essential props are used, and this will be discussed before the examination.

    Props and scripts
    Props are not needed in examinations unless discussed with and cleared by the tutor prior to the exam.

    For mini voices Introductory examinations, a favourite toy, photograph or book is an examination requirement as a focus for discussion with the examiner. Finer details regarding the props for these examinations will be discussed and shared prior to the examination.

    All scripts are provided by Little Voices and are to be handed back to the tutor at the end of the examination cycle. Please encourage your child to only add notes in pencil so the scripts can be used again.

    When and if an examination rehearsal is scheduled in addition to the normal weekly lesson, attendance is compulsory for the sake of the group.

    At least 4 lessons prior to the exam will be used as rehearsal time, therefore it is compulsory these lessons are attended for the sake of the group. If a solo/duo examination is being taken and these lessons are not attended there will be risk of the examination being cancelled for the individual if we feel they are not well prepared.

    LAMDA Timeline.
    We do our utmost to predict the examination timetable however, LAMDA is in ultimate control and only provides us with the finalised timetable 5 days before the examination.

    The examination results are sent to us within 6 weeks. This is LAMDA’s policy and we understand it can be frustrating for all pupils, parents and even tutors.

    Little Voices may publicly publish examination results at any time. If you do not wish for your child’s examination results to be published, you must inform Little Voices in writing before the examination date.

  • Fees and Term Dates

    Depending on the Little Voices centre that you attend will depend on the payment system for that centre. All in one payment package: The all in one monthly fee package for Little Voices lessons has been developed by parents to ensure there are no surprise fees throughout the year. Examinations can be expensive especially the more advanced grades and parental feedback created our payment system as it is today.
    The monthly package includes all lessons, uniform, notebook, one exam fee per year and exam day running costs.

    There are no other requests for money regarding enrolment for lessons throughout the year.
    Many activities appear cost effective however every month there is a request for money for shows, trips, exams, competitions, costumes etc… Little Voices DOES NOT have any surprises or hidden costs.
    What you pay for includes everything your child will need to attend lessons.

    OR Some locations may choose to invoice at the start of each term for all lessons and any additional folders, uniform or exam fees. All lessons are to be paid for in advance and within the invoice remit date. The principal will require 1 months notice via email or written correspondence should you wish for your child to leave. Upon enrolment your child will be expected to purchase a Little Voices polo shirt and / or hoodie. LAMDA fees will also be invoiced separately when the time comes for your child to take their exam. The price of the exam depends upon which exam they take. Optional extras are available throughout the year during school holiday times and these are separate for example theatre weeks and workshops etc…
    Current parents often do receive savings on these activities but booking is on a first come, first served basis so we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

    Please issue payment through the direct debit GoCardless option. A link will be issued to you by your child’s principal or centre manager. BACS and standing orders are also accepted as agreed with your principal.

    ALWAYS mark your child’s name as a payment reference.

    Term Dates.
    The term dates are issued at the very start of the academic year or when your child enrols. They are distributed in end of year packs for current enrolments and published on the website for your reference.

    All scheduled lessons are paid for in advance and any holidays or absences that occur within term times are non-refundable.

    Termination of lessons.
    Notification of lessons must be given one month in advance.

    If your child has been entered into an exam or is due their exam, they will be expected to attend all the lessons up to and including the examination date.
    Leaving a Little Voices group when your child has been entered for an examination has a huge impact on the other children in the group. Please avoid this.

  • Health & Safety and Safeguarding

    Little Voices has stringent policies and procedures for all areas of the organisation and Health & Safety and Safeguarding is of paramount importance.

    A copy of all our policies and procedures are available upon request.

    • We seek your consent to the taking of photographs and videos.
    • Every principal and lead tutor are paediatric first aid trained, fire marshal trained and is the lead designated officer in their franchise for safeguarding.
    • We ask for your consent on behalf of your child to administer First Aid if required.
    • We require full details of any medical conditions, illnesses or disabilities and request that a supplementary information form is filled out.
    • All centres and activities have been risk assessed and we always have an external Health and Safety consultant to advise.
    • Please ensure your child is taken to and from the building their lessons are being held and collected punctually at the end of their lesson. The health and safety of our pupils is paramount.
    • Tutors are NOT responsible for the pupils once the lesson is over and they leave the teaching space.
    • You must adhere to parking regulations at each Little Voices venue. If parking permits are required, you must not park in unauthorised spaces. Car parks and roads can be hazardous places and we want to ensure our pupils are safe even when leaving the building.
    • Smoking is not permitted at any of our venues.
    • All our tutors and staff hold enhanced DBS clearances.

    The security and safety of the pupils in our groups is the responsibility of us all.
    At Little Voices we take our responsibility very seriously. To ensure the welfare of each child and their group and to keep them safe from all harm our tutors and staff are aware of the policies and procedures and standards that are expected by all those who have responsibility for their welfare.

  • Code Of Conduct Acknowledgement

    *All fields must be completed
    Registered in England and Wales with company no.06518484
    Registered address: 428 Preston Old Road, Blackburn, BB2 5LP

    © Little Voices Pupil Code Of Conduct Forms

    All Terms and Conditions apply and are available on request.
    Policies available on request.

    All Little Voices principals and tutors are fully enhanced DBS checked.

    Little Voices is a registered trademark of Little Voices Limited. Little Voices schools and centres are operated as a franchise, LLP or sole trader and are independently owned by the franchisee or individual.

Little Voices Uniform Order Request Form

  • Wearing uniform to the lessons is compulsory.
    Please fill out this order form and submit it to your Little Voices Principal.
  • Little Voices Uniform SWEATSHIRT (HOODED)

  • Little Voices Uniform T-SHIRT (POLO)

  • All Little Voices principals and tutors are fully enhanced DBS checked.
    Little Voices is a registered trademark of Little Voices Limited.
    Little Voices schools and centres are operated as a franchise, LLP or sole trader and are independently owned by the franchisee or individual.