Guildford Voices Lessons

 Voices lessons are for maturing ladies and gentlemen aged 13-18 years old. They are specifically tailored for their future intentions, whether to build their confidence and CV, as an enjoyable hobby, or to pursue a career in the arts

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  • Small class sizes of 4-6

  • L.A.M.D.A & Trinity Guildhall examinations

  • UCAS points for Grades 6,7,8

  • Specialised Training

  • 100% Pass Rate

    98% Merit & Distinction

Many of our pupils go on to study Drama, Music or Performing Arts but equally many of our pupils wish to just enhance their UCAS application or CV with details of their extra curricular experiences that they have loved for so long. Little Voices supports each individual pupil to strive towards their individual goals.


The Voice is often experiencing hormonal changes and
many pupils, not just boys, have vocal difficulties to overcome and they really need the support, training and confidence to still pursue their performing in school and as part of amateur dramatic companies at this time from their Little Voices Tutors.

For the Advanced grades that have associated QCA accredited UCAS points awarded with the results it is important that we work towards solo and duo examinations as they approach Grades 6, 7 and 8.


The Sixth Form Centre at Guildford County School

Tuesdays- 7pm-7.45pm 


…transformed my voice”

“Initially I was wary of joining Little Voices but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life! My voice has been transformed by my Singing Tutor and I now have so much confidence performing in front of large audiences. The best thing about Little Voices is the friends you make and the laughs you have week in week out. Your group becomes your family and you grow together in leaps and bounds after every exam (which are really enjoyable and not too nerve-wracking!)”

Megan Cooper-Graduating Student