Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Every child and young person matters


The security and safety of the young students in our groups is the responsibility of us all.   Here at Little Voices we take our responsibility very seriously.  To ensure the welfare of each child, and their group, and too keep them safe from all harm, our tutors are aware of the procedures and standards expected by all those who have responsibility for their welfare.  All our staff  hold CRB clearances.


To provide a place where:

·        Every child is healthy and safe

·        Each child is able to enjoy and achieve the activities

·        Each child is able to make a positive contribution without causing harm to themselves or others


With common sense we should be observant and alert to the potential indicators of abuse, neglect or potential risk for each child.  We must be:

·        Alert to strangers who could be a risk to the children and in fact anyone within the working environment who may well be familiar

·        Able to contribute to whatever actions are needed to promote the child’s welfare.

·        Aware that we cannot undermine the parent child relationship when issues have been identified.

·        Aware of each child’s need and circumstances in order to respond accordingly

·        Aware that we must bring any issues to the immediate attention of the Company’s directors and which we believe could interfere in the security and welfare of each and child and/or the group.


Have you been able to speak to the child alone?  Can you still do so?

Where will the child be for the next 24 hours?

Is the child at immediate risk of harm (physical, sexual, emotional)?

What information do you have about the child and their family?

Are there other children who may be at risk within the group of their family?

Are you able to discuss your concerns with the parents, or will that put the risk at greater harm?

Have you recorded all that has taken place?

Have you ensured that this matter is not discussed outside those individuals who are involved?

Is there a need to seek advice and discuss this with the authorities?