What do our parents think?

My son, Sam is a born Actor and Singer. He loves Little Voices! My daughter, Mollie has really come out of her shell at Little Voices and now loves standing up and speaking in-front of everyone! My children have been going to Little Voices for over a year now, having lessons in drama and singing. Teachers, Blair and Ashlea are amazing! They make everyone feel very welcome and are really supportive. The children are so happy at Little Voices and they have both received distinction certificate’s since starting classes.
Kerrie, Mum to Sam (13 Years) and Mollie (8 Years)Parent
I have been taking my daughter to ‘Little Voices’ for around one year now. She originally attended a workshop over the school holidays, and she enjoyed it so much that she asked to attend the weekly after school classes! My daughter came to ‘Little voices’ with confidence, but lacking in patience, together they over came this hurdle. She has come along in ‘Leaps and Bounds, especially with her singing. She has learnt that there are many different ways to convey a message, though words, expression, actions and tone. The lessons are structured, one week singing, and one week drama. ‘Little voices’ pride themselves on small class sizes. They work towards accredited musical theatre examinations through L.A.M.D.A The principal, Ashlea, is brilliant, she is fantastic with the children, incredibly organised, and has a lot of good feedback for everyone. I believe its money well spent, very reasonably priced, my daughter absolutely loves going and I would definitely recommend ‘Little Voices’!
Jessica, Mum to Neva (6 Years)Parent
Anna loves Little Voices, and comes out bouncing every week. The teachers are fantastic, very professional, and really connect with the children, I have huge respect for what they do, and Anna’s confidence has grown enormously. The focus on skills and improvement is very high, but the main thing is that it’s really good fun. The small group size means the children build strong relationships with their teacher and each other.
Claudia, Mum to Anna (7 Years) Parent
“I have no words to express how much I admire Ashlea and her teams work, and am grateful to them all, for the huge progress that Eileen made in her singing and performing, within the period of time that she attended Little Voices. Ashlea’s technical advice, on breath control, vowels and diction, and so much more that the tutors have introduced to Eileen’s education, has been fantastic, and has started to make her a better singer and performer. Their methods, and proficient abilities, along with patience to teach, to ensure progress, is remarkably effective, at least with Eileen. I wish you the best of luck, and I know with your work and the passion that you put into it, you will be very successful!”
Mrs T VilacaParent
“My daughter (4) has attended Little Voices Putney for nearly a term now, and also participated in the summer workshop. She really enjoys her classes each week, and even more so the workshops. In particular I have found the performance aspect of the classes to be very beneficial – there has been a significant improvement in her concentration/ability to ‘perform’ when on stage in front of an audience (rather than be distracted by those watching!). The small group has really allowed her to progress in the short time she has been been at Little Voices, helped in no small part by Ashlea’s enthusiasm! Each week there are short videos put on their youtube channel, which is a great way for me as a parent to see what they’ve been doing, and watch her progress. The classes really are the highlight of my daughter’s week, and I would have no hesitation in recommending others to the classes too – in fact one of her friends joined this term on our recommendation, and is enjoying it every bit as much as we are!”
Mrs L DeeringParent
“Little Voice’s has helped Michaela develop her singing ability with confidence. Since attending Little Voices for nearly two terms now, Ashlea has helped Michaela to flourish in both her singing and performance. Michaela’s passion and love for Musical Theatre has really been encouraged and is high lighted in her performances.”
Mrs M HarariParent
“My Son Liam, has just joined the ‘mini voices’ lessons. He observed Michaela on a couple of occasions and was excited about being part of similar activity.The ‘Mini-Voices’ activities are age appropriate and focus on slightly different targets such as; building children’s confidence, communications and presentation skills. I was indeed impressed how Liam followed Ashlea’s instructions nicely and she managed to keep him interested and occupied for the entire lesson. He loves the class and I would definitely recommend these lessons to other mums as I feel it is beneficial for children 4/5 years to take part in something like this. It really does help them stay focussed interested, develop their imagination while improving concentration levels and making new friendships”
Mrs M HarariParent