What do our parents think of our Theatre Weeks?


We all loved Moana, my wife, myself and my two boys. The final performance was delightful and filled me with smiles that are still with me when I think about it. Both our children had so much fun. They got on well with all the other participants. Our children developed many skills including, better memory, cooperation, confidence, timing and creativity. Our eldest especially loved the dancing and movement, while our youngest enjoyed the purpose and drive that delivering a performance entails. We will return to Little Voices at a future holiday period for another professionally delivered, caring, nurturing and well supported camp, I am sure of that.
Kaya JennerParent
“Our daughter Eleanor attended the ‘Matilda’ summer camp in August 2018. Eleanor is blind and has a real love for musical theatre. Because of this we contacted Ashlea prior to registering to check they could accommodate her extra needs. Ashlea could not have been more helpful and assured us Eleanor would be more than welcome and any necessary adjustments would be made to ensure she got as much out of the workshop as any other child. She was not wrong, Eleanor enjoyed every single minute of the 4 day workshop, was really sad to leave on the last day, and 3 weeks on is still talking about how much she loved being there. A huge thank you to Ashlea, Lindsay, Daniel and Edd for an unforgettable experience.”
Tim & Kelly Stollery, Parents of EleanorParent
Emily really enjoyed the camp – thanks for making her so welcome from the off. She made new friends, was lucky enough to play a part that she loved in the show and a bonus was hearing stories first hand about what it’s like to work as an actor in the West End. She woke up raring to go each morning which is quite something for a tired 10 year old in the holidays!
Alex, Mum Of EmilyParent
Little Voices has been THE half term/summer favourite. Every time I make other suggestions, to help give my daughter a variety of different things to do, we always land back to Little Voices. She’s smitten. It’s her absolutely favourite and theatre week is requested every holiday. She wholeheartedly loves this creative nugget. What gets me is how these kids, dress up, prepare a stage set, learn a script and loads of songs within only four days. So committed. I was so proud of her and the Little Voices team for the great show they put on. Thanks Little Voices for setting up and providing us with this creative wonderfulness.
Shura Castellvi-Kellhofer, Mum of AmelieParent
“My daughter really enjoyed the recent summer camp, thank you so much for making her so welcome from day one. She made new friends, played a part that she loved and she is still singing the songs! I was very impressed with how much the group learned in just four days and the time and consideration that the team put in was amazing. Thank you for a unforgettable summer experience”
We were both really impressed with how much was achieved in such a short space of time. We also really appreciated the DVD of the performance at the end of the week as it meant we could sit back and watch the performance at home and share it with family and friends in Newzealand.
Mrs JansenParent
Dear Ashlea, we would like to thank you and your Little Voices Putney team for all of your tremendous hard work and for putting so much time and dedication into each child. They did not only present a wonderful performance but they learned so much more than that. My daughter LOVED it and was very keen to come back each day. She met new friends and definitely wants to come back to the next. A great summer experience for my daughter and us. Plus bonus points for the inclusive DVD too!! Thank you so much.
Mrs Domingo - AradaParent
My daughter had such an enjoyable week and she loved the performance and the build up to it. The small ratio of children to tutors was great especially for bringing out the younger/less confident children who needed encouragement.
Mrs RumbollParent
Thank you so much to Ashlea and the team, my daughter has a GREAT week. I was so impressed with the show it was unbelievable what you achieved in 4 days. We definitely want to come back and sign up for a trial after school lesson!
Mrs WestParent
The girls really enjoyed the Matilda summer theatre week and got a lot out of it. They are still singing the songs and only yesterday were playing ‘Bungalow’ with their cousins. I was very impressed with your daily youtube updates as the week progressed too.
Mrs HogarthParent
I thought the staff we really lovely and its clear they care about the work they do with the children.
Ms CooperParent