Top Tips for auditioning for TV Talent shows and what to do if you are successful:


Be Prepared!! Use your best songs and make sure you are well rehearsed before the audition date. Turn up early, drink plenty of water during the day and warm up your voice before you audition.



Lots of sleep the night before and patience to survive all of the waiting time is paramount!


READ THE SMALL PRINT! Be careful to read contracts and agreements closely before signing. Successful applicants may be required to commit themselves to the management or recording company running the show for a minimum period, including the length of the show. You will not be able to accept any offers or sign to another label/manager until released from this contract.



If you get through the auditions, find out the broadcast date of the show on which you are to appear. Take out an advert in ‘The Stage’ or other music paper and inform A&R, Managers or Agents prior to your appearance date. This will help to maximise your booking potential and ensure that the people you are trying to attract can view the program if they wish.