We are so excited to welcome everyone back safely this Summer!

Now MORE THAN EVER it is so important that children have access to performing arts to help their development and for their mental well-being.
Our Theatre Weeks and Workshops are a great opportunity for children aged 4– 14 years to build in confidence and make new friends, allowing every child the chance to shine through singing, drama and dance – building skills for life!

What is a theatre week?

A theatre week last for 4 days and during those 4 days the children learn a script, learn songs and learn dances for the final performance on the final afternoon. We take a well known musical and adapt it to suit the ages of the children that we have joining us on the theatre week. 

Theatre weeks are great for building confidence in children, and they give children the chance to shine on the stage. Each day we start and finish with drama games which incorporates team building, confidence, vocal and acting skills and in a highly fun way we ensure that every single child is happy to be part of the group. 

We have seen it so many times, day 1 all the children walk into the room a little bit nervous and not quite sure what to expect. However, at the end of the day they leave with a new set of friends, a script, EVERY child gets a part that they will take ownership of. Each child also has to find their own costume and props. We ask each child NOT to go out and buy something but to use something that they have found at home and something they can transform using their imagination! 

  • Learn an entire script in 4 days
  • Be part of a show
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Learn singing, acting and dancing
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn new acting and vocal skills
  • Learn team building skills 


What is a workshop day?

These can be one or two days where we focus on a topic or a musical. These give children a shorter experience where they can again learn new skills and make new friends. Our workshops are held in the school holidays and they focus on teaching performance skills. It is a fun filled day for your child to have a go at script work, learning about characterisation, learning a scene and song from a piece of musical theatre, vocal techniques and play lots of drama games!

Just how do our workshops and theatre weeks benefit children?

Children need stimulation. Whilst children are at school parents don’t have to worry about how they are filling their days. Children love learning and are like sponges. During the school holidays (and especially this year), it is natural to want to make sure that children are still being stretched and that their learning doesn’t just stop. Learning can be fun and can be so easily disguised as fun!

Theatre weeks and workshop days in the summer ticks lots of boxes for parents. Parents are looking for childcare in the school holidays as normal routine is disrupted. Theatre weeks run to normal school times making it possible for parents to still go to work. Children don’t feel like they are learning on our theatre weeks and workshop days,

 but to name a few:

  • Learn how to work in a team with children your own age, older and younger
  • Learn how to make new friends
  • Learn about different emotions included in the theme and the story of the theatre week. 
  • Learn about the stage and how to be safe on it
  • Scripts and lyrics help children’s vocabulary
  • Learn the art of storytelling

And so much more!


Our friendly team of tutors will ensure every day is packed with lots of laughs, fun, drama, singing and performing allowing everyone to build in confidence whilst fully adhering to government guidelines. Our group sizes will be capped at 15. Rest assured, that if we have to cancel a theatre week or workshop day refunds will be given in full.