Little Voices Preston Performing Arts online classes

Are you worried about your child not interacting with others and having fun during this lockdown period?


Does your child love performing, acting and singing and is missing their weekly performing arts lesson?


Would they love to mix with like minded children, have fun and learn new performance skills?


Well, award winning, national company Little Voices can help with our online performing arts lessons!



Our small classes mean that our lessons of distinction can be carried out online. At this time of uncertainty, children need stability, routine, fun, pleasure, friendship and goals. They need to be working on things that they love and want to spend time with like minded people. Our drama and singing lessons, delivered by a highly trained and qualified tutor, are fast paced, energetic, exciting and enjoyable. Mixing with like minded friends and partaking in a favourite activity is also great for positive mental health and well being. Singing in a group has also been proven to release happy hormones and boast the mood. Children’s mental health is important at all times but even more so during this current period.




In our online lessons our pupils learn key terms and vocabulary, have clear learning goals, play fun drama games, look at breathing and warm up techniques, look at exciting scripts and characters within them, such as Annie, The Wizard of Oz, Billy Elliott, Wicked and Mary Poppins. Whilst talking about characters we also link this to our own emotions. We learn a variety of songs from different genres and most of all we make friends and have fun, easing some of the pressure from parents, even for a little while.




If you would like to find out more about our weekly online lessons and our price packages then please complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch.