For all you mummies out there…

For working mums it is such a hard balance between family life, working life and having the life that you want and set out to have.

Many performers and teachers settle for an income stream and profession that complements their aspirations but doesn’t fulfill them totally.

The juggling act of family life and work  is so difficult and the compromises that you have to make  are enormous. It often means missing certain parts of your child’s life at school or nursery for example the baby sign language classes or the coffee morning at school, or booking half a day off work to attend sports day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do all the things that you want to as a mum, earning a great income  working in the industry that you love so much with a real chance to build something for the future. Imagine being your own boss, in charge of your own diary and timetable.

How would that feel?

  • Your own boss but not alone – totally supported every step of the way
  • There when you wanted and needed to be for your son/daughter (s)
  • Great Income
  • Building for the future


jane and Liv

So, how did I come up with the solution every mum has been looking for?

10 Essential Ingredients was the starting point!

I wrote down all of the the things that I felt were essential ingredients for me as mum, a Mezzo Soprano, a performer, a teacher and WANTING A GREAT INCOME!

It was a Friday afternoon in August. I was sat at a coffee shop table with a very close friend and colleague of mine and I was discussing my life, my broken marriage, my work as an excellent Vocal Tutor, my new baby and breastfeeding and expressing milk for her on the road, the juggling act that I did as a peripatetic teacher travelling from school to school, then home to teach till 9pm and the dreaded Saturday and Sunday teaching. The severe lack of money in August!

There had to be more to life than this.

We went through the whole list of elements that we felt were crucial when teaching children Drama and Singing in the traditional sense: the Voice had to be taught with a piano, we had to ensure that examinations were part of the process, we had to strive for the very best, we wanted parents to have a logistically easier time whilst trying to negotiate after school activities and therefore they could have their Child’s drama and singing training taking place at the same place, at the same time in a exceptionally small group and in a safe and secure environment with highly qualified and passionate teachers; A Drama Teacher and a Vocal Teacher. No weekends so that children could still attend parties and have weekends away. These were just a few of the ingredients. With all the ingredients detailed down that I WANTED  too – I KNEW it would work. It had potential, it met every one of my ingredients but even in the euphoria of that day, I never imagined that it would be so successful, so quickly.

We opened the first lesson 3 weeks later in September and week upon week we were generated profit. 9 months later – a holiday in AUGUST to Disneyworld, Florida and a lump of cash to go with in addition £3,000 for the summer.

That all started with 16 pupils!

The money is great – it has made a huge difference to my household but the real beauty of my idea is that it fits in entirely with my other teaching commitments (although I reduced those right down when I saw this working so well) it fits in with the performance work that I still enjoy to do, it also fits in with my family life.

Most importantly we now have a network of like-minded, highly talented, intelligent and motivated Principals that support each other as well as myself and the entire Head Office team there for you every step of the way!

If I can do this you can too and you can potentially join our fabulous network!


RING NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION – just see if it could be for you!

Having a system is really important. There is a reason why the government says that franchises are ten times more likely to succeed than other businesses. It’s the concept of using proven systems. DO exactly what someone else is doing, you will get similar results. Makes sense, right?

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