Not just drama and singing lessons-skills for life!


This week I wanted to tell you about a particular ex pupil that our Managing Director Jane bumped into last week quite unexpectedly and what I have learned about Little Voices from his point of view.

Jane was meeting a work associate at a hotel that has recently been built and as she was sitting down she spotted a young man serving drinks behind the bar. He looked familiar but she couldn’t place where she knew him from.

Jane happened to say to Paul who was an incredibly polite, friendly and approachable young man that she recognised his face from somewhere? He was such a smiley person and for a young 18 year old man he was a pleasure to talk to. Jane asked him which school he had attended and where he lived and it transpired that he had been a Little Voices pupil for 2 years (4 years ago). Jane had not taught Paul but could remember watching his exam as a mock examiner in a Little Voices centre. He was a fabulous actor.

He went on to tell Jane with such energy that his Little Voices training had helped him so much. His face was alight when he was chatting to her, telling her all that he had learnt about communication, eye contact etc and how his training had helped so much when serving customers and dressing up as Father Christmas in the festive season! He was so enthusiastic about how his lessons had helped him in his part time job and how he knew they would benefit him in the hospitality industry which he wanted to pursue at college. Jane was so thrilled for him and proud that the life skills that we use in lessons were proving so beneficial for him.

As we always say, Little Voices is not just for nurturing talented youngsters for a life on the stage, it is hugely beneficial for all young people  – to give them a head start in life!

With best wishes,

Samantha xxx