‘Not Your Average Email’


Dear Ashlea,
First of all I just would like to share that I have been meaning to send you this email for a long time now and have not found the right opportunity as it’s ‘not an average email’, I cannot leave it any longer hence my reason for sending this now ahead of me joining Ramareo in Putney for his Wednesday evening session today.
Ashlea, words cannot aptly express the joy, pride and amazing thanks I have for your work with Ramareo since he has joined Little Voices. You all have as much belief and care for him as I do as his parent and it truly shows- he has thrived since being with you and him achieving his first ever distinction in an external examination aged 12 is testament to that. It’s awesome!!!
Ramareo truly is a talented child and has shown this in many ways in his short 12 years. He has travelled and lived in numerous countries due to my work in international education management and he has taken the best from every environment he has been to school in various countries within the Middle East, Europe and North America during his primary years. He has thrived both academically in every school and has always showed natural talent and promise in creative expression and verbal arts and public speaking…so much so that a teacher he had from Canada  urged me to never let him lose it lol! I have had to work this year in south East Asia and so took the decision for him to go to boarding school hoping it would allow him to develop more than just academic strengths but had hope it would foster strengths in community and creativity..this did not work out for him because being blunt, he missed his life with me and the school did not want to recognise his abilities and achievements- they too teach a form of LAMDA and did not engage with him the way Little Voices did. Anyway I am digressing….
Although my base is here in West London I was due to be changing location to Vietnam for work and was planning to take Ramareo with me again for life as an expatriate secondary student but due to the current global political instability from terrorism, economic challenges from Brexit etc and also due to seeing how much he is excelling within Little voices and a desire to not up heave his world too much I am deciding to forgo the contract and see what arises here in returning back to the UK..So I am so pleased to say he will be staying on as a full time student/participant within Little Voices. I am fully committed in whatever he wants to do and he thoroughly enjoys Little Voices and what it may bring so I want him to continue to have fun as he excellent through the grading – I don’t want it to become a tedious journey of ‘going through the levels for UCAS points and theatre/tv or acting experiences/fame’ but as education should be: an exciting journey of learning about himself, linguistics and the power of language, creativity and expression and whatever comes with it. My specialty is Education managament and developing entrepreneurs and I am always having to benchmark ‘outstanding’ in the work I do, I can wholeheartedly say that your organisation epitomises outstanding:)
‎Best wishes