Are you lonely and frustrated with your job?

Do you feel like banging your head against a brick wall?

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“I did toy with the idea of simply opening my own school. However I was not and did not claim to be a business woman and therefore the backing of a ready made, well established business and the support network of like-minded, talented, highly qualified individuals and a Head Office Team on call, for me made total sense. I was a drama teacher, not a business woman – but now I am both, thanks to Little Voices. If you are considering opening a Little Voices of your own – do it! What are you waiting for? I hope that you decide to join our Little Voices family.” Julie Armstrong
Julie Armstrong, Principal of Little Voices Peterborough

Are you keen to escape the frustrations of pupils not turning up for lessons, lack of income in the holiday times especially August, the last minute cancellations of lessons and having to reschedule at a less convenient time for you?

Sometimes the convenience of working from home can also be a major inconvenience too…

Being a teacher of Drama or Singing you can feel isolated, sometimes like a second class citizen in the staff room at certain schools and generally a little frustrated with the direction you are heading in.

Have you got Terms and Conditions in place? All the relevant insurance should something go wrong? A business that can operate without you physically teaching within it and that you can build for a sustainable and prosperous future?

How do you learn and develop every year?

With Little Voices you have a tried, tested and proven business model that has been established since 2007.

A network and team of Principals all running their own businesses who support and help each other to achieve success. With meetings, webinars, private forums and the sharing of daily information that can support and enhance your future learning and development.

There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘Team‘ and it is exactly this ethos that makes the Little Voices network so powerful and unique.

Our Principals across the UK are intelligent, passionate, highly motivated and incredibly talented individuals with backgrounds in teaching, performing and business. They are using Little Voices as part time and full time businesses to ensure that they have a super successful future.

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