Reflection On Drama From a 17 Year Old


An insightful reflection on drama from the seventeen year old, Sophie Large, who was tragically killed in a car accident many years ago. Jane (our founder of Little Voices) is a trustee of the charity Sophie’s Silver Lining Fund and after her tragic death her parents set up the charity in her honour and support aspiring actors and singers in their Drama School and Music Conservatoire training aged 18+. DAME JUDI DENCH and SIR THOMAS ALLEN are patrons of the charity:

Here is an expert:

It just shows what an enormous impact drama and performing can have on a young person.

“Thoughts on Drama”

I have enjoyed drama since I was 8 years old. For ten years I have wanted to be an actress, stubbornly assuring my teachers as much. In 1995 I got a place in the National Youth Theatre and the introductory course changed my outlook totally. We did a lot of physical drama, and experimented with portraying emotions through physical analogy. Our project was based on the loss of a loved one.

Drama for me, is showing people home truths, and experimenting with ideas that I feel strongly about. I took the Junior Drama Club at school and found directing children, whose minds are so imaginative and uninhibited, immensely fulfilling and exciting. I found it easy to adapt my artistic ideas to their age and as I have always loved working with kids I was very successful. With drama, I have enormous drive. I find it easy to focus myself and try out new ideas.

Drama is an essential part of me. I am lost without it and I want to pioneer my ideas, even if I have no money and have to live in a tent. I would be being untrue to myself if I denied myself the chance to create drama.

Hope you enjoyed this! Her book of poems and writings is available to purchase from the site