School Affiliations

Little Voices works in affiliation with many schools to enhance the performing arts provision for their pupils both during the school day and after school as extracurricular activities.

Our teaching approach is unique, our experience unlimited and our highly qualified tutors strive to provide inspiring, enjoyable yet technique filled lessons each week.

Our classes are open to all pupils from Reception to Sixth Form working towards the QCA accredited examination syllabuses in Musical Theatre, Acting and Communication. Parents are attracted by the tuition ‘on site’ and during the school day, schools appreciate an established company is enriching the performing arts within their school and that all the administration is dealt with by our Principals and Head Office.

Little Voices organises bespoke enrichment programmes for schools. Every school welcomes our expertise and professional approach to enhancing their pupils’ Vocal and Dramatic development through end of term performances and showcases.

There are numerous benefits for schools. We are able to hire rooms from the school to hold Little Voices classes creating increased revenue for the school. Our lessons attract children from across the area, this raises the profile of the school as we advertise where our classes are taking place and it gives pupils and parents a chance to visit the school when coming to the Litle Voices lessons. Our wider marketing activity has proven to be very beneficial for the schools that we have become involved with.

We train confident pupils who go on the represent the school every day from reading well in assembly, performing in the school Christmas play and delivering their own projects in an English class for example.

Little Voices classes are not exclusively for people with a love of performing and the stage. We have a large proportion of students who go on to an acting/singing career but the majority of our pupils come primarily to build their confidence. Confidence can be nurtured through our small teaching groups and developed to outstanding levels.

Good eye contact, posture and vocal clarity is easily taught through Drama and Singing. It is important for every child to acquire these elementary skills for life challenges, such as attending an interview for a Saturday position or a university course. These fundamental skills are invaluable.

We realise that every school has ‘in house’ experts in Drama and Singing and indeed have specialists visiting the school. However, Little Voices is a unique performing arts organisation with exceptionally high standards and an excellent reputation which can enhance the experiences of every pupil.

For further information on our school affiliations and how Little Voices can benefit your school please contact Head Office.