Working with Schools

Are you interested in having Little Voices within your school! Little Voices can bring expertise into schools that is often not in-house.

Why would you want this in your school?

  • The benefits of music and drama education are widely proven yet the Curriculum is increasingly reducing focus & funding for performing arts and due to pressure to hit targets on other core subjects, teachers struggle to find time to teach Music and Drama
  • Qualifications achieved at Little Voices help students hit targets – UCAS points!
  • Little Voices provides Income stream for schools – pay for room
  • Improves wrap-around care provision with quality after school care for children
  • Positive extra curricular activity for schools to be able to offer to pupils and parents.
  • Something extra Can bring in new parents /students to your school
  • We can help nurture talent in your school
  • Builds confidence in your students with noticeable benefits in other aspects of school life
  • These can be run after school or during school time.
  • LAMDA, when covered in schools, often is more prose, speech & drama, not musical theatre – we teach Musical Theatre!


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