Skills for life (part 2)



SO, just to recap… We’ve already heard about understanding emotions, learning empathy, team work skills, language and communication skills… But there is more. All this from a drama and singing lesson… Yes. So as well as getting trained to a very high level in these skills, the other skills are just as valuable, if not more so for everyday life! 

One of our biggest aims of our lessons is to help our children grow in confidence. A confident child is a happy child. The word confident, doesn’t mean over confident and cocky, it is a child who is comfortable in their own skin, who believes in themselves, and who has the ability to do what can actually seem like fairly simple tasks. For example making friends, putting their hand up in class, reading out loud, applying for a job, asking a tough question. Having confidence comes into lots of parts of our everyday life. If we build on these skills from a young age then we hope that children will grow into well rounded happy adults!

Our classrooms provide a safe space for children to explore their inner creativity and we really embrace individuality. We know and love that each child is individual and has their own ways. We welcome every individual personality with welcome arms. This builds on a childs confidence to be themselves – and what more could you want for your child! 

To chat more about the skills for life, we’d love to speak. It is a topic we are really passionate about! Have you noticed your child is getting any of these skills in their lessons? Are there any of these skills you want us to specifically work on with your child?

We are there for you and your child and we really care. 

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