So what two things can we focus on to enable your child to increase their confidence?

In Little Voices lessons one of our main aims is to instil and develop confidence into our pupils right from day one. This is done through structured lessons and informal activities such as games.

But how can you also help build and develop your child’s confidence?

1) Encouragement and Compliments are key to a child’s confidence in any subject. By focussing on what they do really well, they will start to believe. Once a child starts to believe in themselves they will start to achieve. This is why in the notebooks we have ‘www’ it stands for ‘what went well’ – this is key to a child’s confidence and all round development not just in drama and singing. In many ways at Little Voices drama and singing is the fun, educational vehicle used to help this fundamental life skill!

2) Focusing on the ‘Glass half Full’ is so crucial to a child believing in themselves and achieving. Concentrate on all the things that a child does really well. So for instance if we have a child who is playing ‘Oliver’ in the musical by the same name and he can’t do a Cockney accent it is not the end of the world. We need to concentrate and accentuate all the things that he does well when playing this character; his natural swagger, body language, characterisation, interaction with his other characters, well executed sung vocal solos with accurate diction, articulation, breathing and projection.


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