Trip to Sophie’s Barn through the eyes of our parents

An amazing trip to Sophie’s Barn on Sunday 15th July 2012.

So much to celebrate after the trip and so many parents and pupils have emailed to share their thoughts and feelings about the day. Please read all about our association with Sophie’s Silver Lining Fund and the performance on Sunday through the eyes of our parents…

Sophie’s Barn is an experience that we will all remember for years to come. The warmth we felt on Sunday  15th July was not only from the beautiful day we were so lucky to have, but from within the four walls of Sophie’s Barn itself and from her loving parents Cherry and Stephen,
who opened up their home and their hearts. It was as though Sophie herself was shining down on us. What an amazing day and what an amazing person Sophie must have been.  We purchased Sophie’s log and both Hannah and I were enthralled at the content within it. Her poems, memoirs, letters, statements, experiences, etc what an impact it has had upon us. She really was a very focused and determined young lady. 

Terry has never heard Hannah sing before and he was taken aback when he saw and heard how good and confident she was. I have to say, I also think that is the best I have ever heard her sing.   What an inspiration the whole day was.  I have absolutely no doubt that both  Little Voices and Sophie’s Silver Lining Fund will continue to grow from strength to strength. I am sure that her legacy will not only continue to be kept alive, but will be the motivation for many a young person, to have their own aspirations. 

To Sophie’s parents, what a credit to you and what a credit you must have been to Sophie. To pinch a quote from Sophie’s log, if I may be so bold  to do so. 

The End  (or is it just the beginning).Thank you from the Worswick Family

Marie Morgan ~ Parent
Yesterday was a really wonderful day in lots of ways. It was great to meet some of your ‘little voices’. Stephen and Cherry’s home just feels so special and they were so welcoming….just as you said they would be. Being able to enjoy our picnic outside in that lovely garden was a treat….the hen, the friendly dogs, the tennis, the little stream.

And then the Barn! Yes the atmosphere was incredible and so moving. The performances from everyone were so delightful. Ellena said it was one of the best days of her life!

Future fund raising events will be held for the benefit of Sophie’s Silver Lining Fund. Please view the website for further information on how to support such a wonderful charity